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February 26, 2024
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How to work with projects in Serverspace

Control panel FAQ

After signing up, user gains access to an account where he can create an unlimited number of projects. What are they and how to manage them?

What are projects?

Projects allow the account owner to grant full or limited access to their dashboard to other users to collaborate on resources.

There are two types of projects:

  • Personal project
    This project is created automatically after signing up an account, the user has full access to the project. If necessary, it can be made general.
  • General project
    Projects of this type can be created by the user to provide collaboration with other users.

The owner has the right to add a project participant and choose one of 3 roles for him: owner, administrator or accountant:

  • Owner
    The role is assigned by default to the account owner, after which he can assign it to any other participant. This role gives full access to the control panel
  • Administartor
    This role user cannot add or exclude project participants, nor can he influence the “Owner” role (add, delete, transfer, etc.). Otherwise, this role has the same capabilities as the owner.
  • Accountant
    This role will have access only to tabs with financial information, for example: “Partners”, “Billing”, “Support” and “Customer info”. This role can also see all project participants.

Creating a Project

After signing up and/or login in the control panel in the upper left corner will display the Serverspace logo and a personal project created automatically. For a general project, you need to click on the name of your personal project and select the “Add project” option from the drop-down list:
Add the project

Next, you can convert an existing personal project into a general one, or simply create a new one.

Select a name for the project and, if necessary, its logo and click create project:
Creating a new project


After creating a project, the project settings menu will open. Next, we will look at each tab separately.

Project management

Project details

Here you can change the name of the project, add a new participant, or edit access to an existing one
Adding a member of the project

You can change the project name by clicking on it:
Changing the name of the project

To add a new member, click on the “Add” button at the bottom of the page:
Adding a member of the project

Then you must specify the new user's email and role:

Adding a member with role
The new project member will appear in the list:
New added user


To confirm, the added member must log into their control panel. In the list of projects, he needs to select a new project and confirm participation.

Project participant management

In order to interact with a project participant, click on the ellipsis to the right of it:
Editing role


Through the same menu, you can manage participant access.
Editing access of the role


Customer info

If you work in the panel as a legal entity, then you can fill out legal data for issuing documents and paying invoices: select a jurisdiction, specify legal data, specify financial data, financial statements and automatically send invoices for payment:
Customer info


SSH- keys

On this tab you can add a new SSH key or manage existing ones. You can add it by clicking on the “Add SSH key” button:
Adding SSH-key


After which you will be asked to either add an existing key or generate a new one:
Creating a new SSH-key


After this you can use this SSH key, while creating a server:
Access preferences - SSH key


Delete project

Here you can delete the project by clicking the corresponding button

Deleteing a project

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