Available Debian versions

Serverspace SLA
Server with Debian 11

Get a customized server with the latest operating system release with improved performance, an updated Linux kernel, and new software versions.

Serverspace SLA
Server with Debian 10

Get a customized server with a stable version of the operating system, offering extensive support for a variety of software.

All Debian server plans include

API access

Use the API features to quickly manage the server. Operations, queries, and sample errors are available in the documentation.

Dedicated IP address

Get independence from other users by issuing an individual IP address. This option can be disabled in the control panel when creating a server.

Resilient Fast
Unlimited traffic

Use unlimited traffic to solve business tasks and implement large-scale projects.

Serverspace Support
24/7 Support

Communicate with support specialists by email, phone, and in the control panel.

One-Click Apps support

Select the desired application during the server creation in the control panel — it will be installed automatically.

Configure your Debian server in a few clicks

Average server creation time — 24 seconds.

ex. VAT/mo /mo
Get bonuses € from each payment
from €100 +3% bonus €
from €200 +3% bonus €
from €1000 +3% bonus €
Final configuration

User-friendly control panel for Debian servers

Deploy and configure Debian VPS server and other services, monitor infrastructure status, control costs and consult with support specialists in one place.

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Data centers worldwide

Deploy Debian Server VPS worldwide without worrying about their availability.


What operating systems are available?

Create servers with other Linux distributions: Ubuntu, Debian and Oracle Linux. Each distribution is free of charge.

You can also rent a Windows-based server and use it as a remote desktop.

How to install Debian on a server?

Debian is installed automatically when you create a server in the control panel or in the calculator on the website. You do not need to install the OS manually.

What are the advantages of Debian servers?

Debian OS has a number of advantages:

  • low requirements for server resources;
  • availability of free access to a large number of materials on setting up the server;
  • a wide range of software, including web servers, databases, development applications and much more;
  • a wide range of tools and mechanisms for server security.