June 17, 2021


  • Public API: added the ability to connect the vStack server to isolated networks when creating a server.
  • Made final adjustments to the Spanish localization of the control panel, so now you can use the control panel in Spanish language.
  • VMware services: added a restriction on the size of the address of remote networks when creating a VPN tunnel between networks.
Bug Fixes
  • vStack servers: eliminated the ability to change the list of interfaces with an active snapshot..
  • Website authorization: fixed the display of placeholders when filling in the “e-mail” and “password” fields.
  • Fixed the location of the sliders when trying to change the maximum configuration of a vStack server.
  • Fixed the incorrect behavior when confirming a phone number.
June 9, 2021


  • Public API: now, there is a resource for getting the price of a vStack server regarding configuration. The resource takes the same model as when creating the server, but only fields necessary for price calculating are required.
  • Public API: now, you can connect the vStack server to the public network when creating a network interface. To do this, omit the network identifier in the request body and specify only the bandwidth. For a private network, you cannot specify the bandwidth. You cannot select a specific public network: you can specify either the network identifier or the bandwidth.
  • Removed the restriction on the creation of private vStack networks. Now, to create a network, it is not necessary to have an active server. We removed the restriction to make it easier for you to work using terraform resources.
Bug Fixes
  • In the DNS service, fixed the incorrect translation of TTL 6 hours into seconds (21160 → 21600).
May 28, 2021


  • Added a PATCH method to the Public API. Unlike PUT, which requires a complete representation of a resource, a PATCH request is intended to modify a resource, updating only specific attributes.
  • Added a new Oracle Linux 8.3 template to the vStack cloud services.
  • VMware cloud service: added a check that the connected subnet is IPv4 when creating a routed client network.
  • Now, the fields with system data are not editable when creating NAT for a VMware network.
  • vStack cloud services: added confirmation of server reboot when connecting to the network and disconnecting from it.
  • Now, there are advertising banners and a new Referral calculator in the Partners section. You can place the calculator widget and the banners on any website. The clients who sign up using the widget will automatically become your referrals.
Bug Fixes
  • DNS service: an underscore is now displayed when entering the service name for the SRV record.
  • VMware cloud services: fixed the error of creating a VPN tunnel with the same PeerID or PeerIP and different public access keys. Added check for matching keys and a warning pop-up window.
  • Fixed the error code when custom project logos weren't uploaded. Now the list of projects is loaded correctly, and there is no 500 error.
  • vStack and VMware server calculators: fixed the double handling of pressing Enter in filling in the body of the SSH key.
May 25, 2021


  • For vStack servers created from templates of the FreeBSD family, the Recovery tab is open to working with the recovery image.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed incorrect behavior when leaving the Firewall edit page of the VMware server. Now, after saving the rules and leaving the page, the warning window does not open.
  • Fixed incorrect link to RDP file download for VMware server after its re-creation.
  • Fixed incorrect setting of statuses for VPN tunnels in VMware networks. There are two VPN tunnel connection statuses: OK (green checkmark) and Critical (red cross). The status updates when the page is reloaded in the browser or every 15 seconds when the page is open.
May 20, 2021


  • A new FreeBSD 13.0 template for servers is available in the vStack cloud service.
May 18, 2021


  • Improved invoice generation for clients. After filling in and saving user data, an invoice for the previous month is generated regarding the changes.
  • Added predictive country input to the customer information page in the document generation service.
  • In the settings of the VMware server, the licenses block won't be displayed if there are no available licenses for the current OS.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug when progress bars of some tasks didn't appear in the list of vStack networks.
  • Fixed a bug when a task progress bar didn't appear on the vStack server detail page if the server was connected to the network using the network detail page.
  • Documents generation service: added the highlighting of required fields when saving empty customer data.
  • Fixed display of the body of the selected SSH key; now, it disappears after being deleted.
  • Updated the description of the list of conditions for creating a VMware server template.
  • Eliminated unnecessary warning alerts when creating a vStack server with an empty name.
May 14, 2021


  • Added a template detail page, which displays the which displays the template's name and configuration. There are two tabs: a list of created VMs and deleting a template. Added a button for creating a server according to the selected template.
  • Implemented sorting of templates in the calculator in descending order: from the newest to the oldest.
  • Standardized abbreviations for values ​​(MB) on pages and in error messages.
Bug Fixes
  • The load graphs of Vstack servers correctly display statistics for the period of time when the server was off.
  • The Calculator: added a check for the minimum allowable RAM value for Windows OS.
  • When creating an API key, the expiration date is now displayed correctly.
April 30, 2021


Bug Fixes
  • The VMware cloud server calculator now correctly shows tariffs for available and unavailable locations.
April 29, 2021


  • Control panel: changed the order of actions in the Create dropdown menu. Now, vStack cloud actions are at the top, and VMware cloud actions are located under them. Next are the rest of the steps, starting with a domain transfer.
Bug Fixes
  • Now changing the backup settings in the VMware Server Calculator will change the total price of the services.
  • Fixed display of the API key in the API and CLI tab for small screens. Now, when you hover over the key, you will see the Copy button.
  • The server disk name will now be edited correctly, even if you edit only its name.
  • Control panel: if the required input fields are empty, they will get highlighted when you try to save changes or order entities.
April 27, 2021


  • Developed a new feature DocumentFlow, which allows our clients to get receipts and invoices. A receipt is a payment document generated at the moment of successful payment. An invoice is a monthly generated document containing billing information on the rendered services. Receipts and invoices are generated independently, so the generation of each of the documents can be disabled.
    You can find the list of generated invoices and receipts in the Billing tab. We added a column to the Operations history table, and now it contains download links to the documents. All the documents are generated in PDF format.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected documentation on the Public API and added the lost fields by DNS.
April 23, 2021


  • Added the information on s2ctl installation for Linux and Windows to the README.md file. Removed all extra characters and spaces from command line examples.
April 19, 2021


  • Updated vStack server images. The update includes customization of the guest OS, which allows to automatically configure network interfaces after their modification for Linux and FreeBSD (adding, deletion). Now, when connecting the network interface through the control panel, it will be configured automatically.
April 13, 2021


Bug Fixes
  • Aligned vStack and VMware calculator buttons and made them of the same size.
  • Fixed the position of the IP address copy button in case if the server has multiple IP addresses.
  • Added the column hiding option to the interface table in the server report.
  • Fixed the response to the menu buttons pressing after the completion of a server-blocking task without reloading the page.
April 9, 2021


  • Improved DNS SRV records creation and editing. Now the service name is case insensitive, only accepts Latin characters, numbers, and a hyphen («-»), can start only with a letter, and end with either a letter or a number. When editing an SRV record, the service name has the same format as when it was created, without a leading underscore and a period in the end. Auto-substitution of A and AAAA records of the current domain is implemented in the field for the canonical target name (target). The list of entries now displays priority zero.
April 5, 2021


  • When editing Firewall rules within the VMware cloud service, if a user intends to leave the page or to close the browser tab, a pop-up will occur with a warning that the user has not saved the changes in the rules.
  • Added the animation to the progress bars in the control panel.