April 23, 2021


  • Added the information on s2ctl installation for Linux and Windows to the README.md file. Removed all extra characters and spaces from command line examples.
April 19, 2021


  • Updated vStack server images. The update includes customization of the guest OS, which allows to automatically configure network interfaces after their modification for Linux and FreeBSD (adding, deletion). Now, when connecting the network interface through the control panel, it will be configured automatically.
April 13, 2021


Bug Fixes
  • Aligned vStack and VMware calculator buttons and made them of the same size.
  • Fixed the position of the IP address copy button in case if the server has multiple IP addresses.
  • Added the column hiding option to the interface table in the server report.
  • Fixed the response to the menu buttons pressing after the completion of a server-blocking task without reloading the page.
April 9, 2021


  • Improved DNS SRV records creation and editing. Now the service name is case insensitive, only accepts Latin characters, numbers, and a hyphen («-»), can start only with a letter, and end with either a letter or a number. When editing an SRV record, the service name has the same format as when it was created, without a leading underscore and a period in the end. Auto-substitution of A and AAAA records of the current domain is implemented in the field for the canonical target name (target). The list of entries now displays priority zero.
April 5, 2021


  • When editing Firewall rules within the VMware cloud service, if a user intends to leave the page or to close the browser tab, a pop-up will occur with a warning that the user has not saved the changes in the rules.
  • Added the animation to the progress bars in the control panel.