VPS in the UAE

Deploy virtual machines in the UAE with pay-as-you-go billing system and availability in seconds.

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VPS in the UAE

is one of the most reliable solution for building cloud infrastructure for small and medium-sized businesses. Cloud servers in Serverspace allow you to:

  • choose the configuration suitable for your project;
  • scale VPS resources at any time;
  • connect to the server from anywhere there is Internet.
VPS in the UAE
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Pay only for the cloud infrastructure resources you actually rent.
Billing every 10 minutes. No hidden fees.

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SLA 99,9%

Get guaranteed uninterrupted server availability within the SLA and compensation in case of its violation.

Dedicated IP address

Get a unique dedicated IP address when you create a cloud server in the UAE
that only you can use.

Easy to manage your cloud infrastructure

Deploy cloud infrastructure, manage virtual machines and connect the services you need - in one place. The control panel is easy to understand for all users. Registration does not require a linked card.

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What's you get with your VPS?

Serverspace Support
24/7 support

Get answers to your questions at any time. Support specialists respond
within 15 minutes.

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Unlimited traffic

Use unlimited traffic to solve business tasks in USA and realize large-scale projects.

Serverspace SSD
Blazing SSDs

Run on servers that feature high-speed SSDs with triple data replication and minimal response time.

Serverspace CPU
Powerful processors

VPS servers is powered by IIntel Xeon Gold 6226R processors that guarantee enhanced performance.


Data center in the UAE

Equinix DX1, Dubai's top-tier data center, is designed to meet Tier III standards, ensuring high reliability and performance. Operated by a renowned global leader in data centers, DX1 is part of a network of over 200 facilities worldwide. This data center is known for its exceptional connectivity, making it one of the most interconnected centers globally.

Located in the heart of Dubai, Equinix DX1 serves as a pivotal interconnection hub for the Middle East. It houses the UAE Internet Exchange (UAE-IX), enabling efficient connections between international networks, network operators, and content providers.

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Created using fault-tolerant standards

Serverspace server

ISO, SOC, PCI & more certificates

Serverspace API

Cooling N+20% redundancy level;

Exchange Methods

RDIMM RAM (3200 MHz)

Calculate the cost of the VPS in Dubai

The price includes unlimited traffic
ex. VAT/mo /mo
Get bonuses € from each payment
from €100 +3% bonus €
from €200 +5% bonus €
from €1000 +10% bonus €
Final configuration

Software for your VPS in the UAE

Deploy Linux or Windows Server VPS and choose software for ypur project.

Windows - Serverspace
Ubuntu - Serverspace
FreeBSD - Serverspace
Debian - Serverspace
Rocky Linux


What payment methods are available for hosting in the UAE?

To refill balance in the Serverspace control panel, users have access to the following payment methods:

  • Bank cards. Payments are accepted via PayPal Checkout;
  • PayPal;
  • Everscale - is a fifth-generation PoS blockchain with a native Everscale token.

Minimum deposit - 5 €.

What is VPS in Dubai?

A VPS in Dubai is a cloud server on Windows or Unix systems that uses the server capacity of a data center in the UAE. Serverspace hosts its equipment in the modern and reliable DX1 data center in Dubai, UAE.

What data centers are available for hosting in the UAE?

Serverspace offers hosting in a state-of-the-art data center in the UAE, built to Tier III standards - DX1 from the major company Equinix. The data center is located in Dubai, UAE.

In addition to the UAE data center, Serverspace offers cloud servers in the USA, Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

You can find more information about the technical equipment on the data centers page.

What kind of hardware is used in Arabian data center?

At Serverspace, users can create cloud servers in the UAE based on virtualization platform vStack.

We utilize vStack-R-SL201-25RE servers featuring:

  • Intel Xeon Gold 6226R processors (3.0 GHz)
  • RDIMM RAM (3200 MHz)
  • Intel 480GB SSD SATA 2.5

Who needs a server in the UAE?

VPS in the UAE can help Arabian companies build cloud infrastructure. Serverspace provides opportunities for the following business tasks:

  • website and application hosting;
  • infrastructure migration;
  • development of web services, desktop and mobile applications;
  • testing new services and applications;
  • access to a trial version of the product for partners and first customers.

Сloud servers are used in fintech, e-commerce, logistics, game development, software development and many other projects.

How to create a VPS server in the UAE?

To create a server in the UAEyou need:

  1. sign up in the Serverspace control panel;
  2. open control panel and go to the vStack cloud tab;
  3. select a Linux, FreeBSD or Windows Server operating system;
  4. select a data center location in Dubai, the UAE;
  5. configure the amount of cloud server resources you need;
  6. click on the create button.

After you refill the balance, the VPS server will be created automatically in a minute. It will be available in the list of servers in the tab where you created the server.

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Serverspace user reviews

“What I value most about Serverspace is its reliability and performance. My projects in the US are running without downtime. The robust infrastructure and high level of security give me a sense of security because I know my data is in safe hands. I really like the flexibility they provide in choosing plans. The best part is that I can operate all the machines myself without needing constant help from technicians.”
“The main advantage of this service is the quality and speed of the blah servers, which allows me to customize business servers for my business in the US. In addition, using this service saves money. However, the disadvantage is the lack of a mobile app to manage the server. Although with the new redesign, the team has adapted the interface and it has become easier to use on a mobile device. I am going to continue working with Serverspace and want to rent cloud servers in Europe.”
“I have been using Serverspace cloud server provider for a few months now and can attest to the excellent service they provide. I work for the US and Canadian market and the provider provides fast and stable data access. The technical support deserves special praise. They are always ready to help, answering all questions and […]”
“We have been using your service relatively recently, attracted by the convenient control panel. Among the obvious pluses of the platform I can single out the convenient control panel, the fact that the Windows license is included in the rental price, as well as the presence of API and CLI Tools.”
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