Available Ubuntu versions

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Server with Ubuntu 22.04

Get a virtual server with Ubuntu 22.04 and take advantage of the latest security and performance improvements.

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Server with Ubuntu 20.04

Create a VPS server with a stable OS version that combines the reliability of time-tested software with innovative features.

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Server with Ubuntu 18.04

Deploy a cloud server with an earlier version of the operating system offering a wide variety of familiar software.

Ubuntu hosting advantages

API access

Use the API capabilities to quickly manage and configure the server. Operations and sample queries are available in the documentation.

Secure data centers

Your Ubuntu server will be located in fault-tolerant data centers built to the international quality standard Uptime Institute TIER III.


Pay only for the server time you actually use. Charges are made once every 10 minutes.

Serverspace Support
24/7 Support

Get professional customer support via email, phone, and in the control panel.

One-Click Apps support

Select the desired application during the server creation in the control panel — it will be installed automatically.

Deploy an Ubuntu server in a few clicks

Select the Ubuntu version and configure the server resources.

The price includes unlimited traffic
ex. VAT/mo /mo
Get bonuses € from each payment
from €100 +3% bonus €
from €200 +5% bonus €
from €1000 +10% bonus €
Final configuration

User-friendly control panel for Ubuntu server

Create and configure Ubuntu server and other services, monitor the state of your infrastructure, control costs and contact 24/7 support. By the way, Ubuntu server charges every 10 minutes.

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What Ubuntu versions are supported?

In our control panel you can create a server with three versions of Ubuntu:

  • Ubuntu 22.04;
  • Ubuntu 20.04;
  • Ubuntu 18.04.

Where is the Ubuntu server physically located?

The physical location of your server depends on which data center you choose. There are six locations in Serverspace:

  • Kazakhstan;
  • USA;
  • Turkey;
  • Netherlands;
  • Canada.

Each data center is built to Uptime Institute TIER III international quality standard.

Is the Ubuntu server cloud-based?

Yes, an Ubuntu server is cloud-based, just like servers with other operating systems.

By ordering a server you get all the benefits of flexibility, scalability and security of cloud solutions.

How do I install Ubuntu on a server?

When you order the OS, Ubuntu will be installed on the server automatically. Here's everything you need to do to get started:

  • sign up in the Serverspace control panel and start creating the server;
  • choose Ubuntu from the list of operating systems;
  • wait for the server to be created.

On average, it takes only 24 seconds to create an Ubuntu server. After that you will get a full-fledged server with Ubuntu on board.

What are the advantages of Ubuntu servers?

By ordering a virtual server with Ubuntu, you get a number of advantages:

  • security: Ubuntu contains a large number of tools to ensure protection against various security threats;
  • a wide range of software: Ubuntu repositories contain thousands of ready-to-use applications and programs that may be useful for your project;
  • ease of operation: Ubuntu was designed with the user in mind, making it one of the most intuitive systems on the market;
  • fault tolerance: Ubuntu is famous for its reliability, which is especially important for server solutions.