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What is Serverspace GPT API?

Designed for developers and businesses, the Serverspace GPT API allows seamless integration of advanced AI capabilities into your applications.

With GPT, you can not only accelerate workflows but also significantly reduce costs while ensuring high quality and performance. From automating customer support to creating high-quality content, the Serverspace GPT API enables you to innovate and scale effortlessly.

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Deploy chatbots that provide users with efficient assistance.

Language Translation

Break down language barriers with AI translation, making your content international.

Content Creation

Generate high-quality content for blogs and social media, saving time and resources.


An innovative open-source language model library, fine-tuned using C-RLFT—a strategy inspired by offline reinforcement learning. This model surpasses Grok-1 and ChatGPT (3.5, March 2023 release) on popular benchmarks, providing high-quality responses in English and other languages.

Why choose
Serverspace GPT API?

Easy Integration

Provide comprehensive documentation and 24/7 support to set up the API with minimal effort.


Ensure the ability to handle increased demand without compromising performance.


Prioritize the security of your data with advanced protection measures and data replication.

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High Availability

Guarantee the availability with a 99.9% SLA, including financial compensation.

Maximize the potential


Increased Efficiency

Automate routine tasks, freeing your team for more strategic initiatives.


Enhanced User Experience

Provide users with high-quality responses that engage and meet your requirements.

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Cost Reduction

Reduce operational expenses by optimizing processes with AI-based solutions.

How to Connect to
Serverspace GPT API

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Use our comprehensive guide for seamless GPT API integration into your applications.

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Utilize all the features of the GPT API to innovate and enhance your services.


What Languages Does Serverspace GPT API Support?

Serverspace GPT API supports multiple languages, including English and Russian, providing high-quality responses and solutions for various linguistic scenarios.

What is the Performance of Serverspace GPT API?

Currently, the Serverspace control panel offers one language model - Openchat-3.5-0106. This model surpasses Grok-1 and ChatGPT (3.5, March 2023 release) on popular benchmarks. This means you can expect higher quality responses and better performance for a wide range of tasks. More language models will be added in the future.

What Customization Options Does Serverspace GPT API Offer?

Serverspace GPT API provides extensive customization options, allowing developers to tailor the model to the specific needs of their applications. You can adapt the model for various industries and tasks, ensuring the most relevant and accurate results.

Serverspace is trusted

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