Serverspace is Launching a New Flexible Plan for Everyone

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Billing charges by the minute. Only for active services.
It is easy to modify configurations even after deployment. In seconds.
Infrastructure availability is 99.9%. Guaranteed by the agreement.
Xeon Gold CPUs and NVMe SSDs perform better in benchmarks.

Do Whatever You Want

Store and run any databases, containers, media, and sites. Deploy app runtime, conduct analytics, implement DevOps, blockchain, AI, etc. Discover your personal cloud solution.
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Amazing Control Panel

Lightning fast and stunning simple. Managing a cloud infrastructure has never been easier.

Ultrafast Deploy

To reduce the time it takes to deploy VMs, we keep them in a dedicated, renewable pool. When you create a VM, the control panel makes a request to this pool. This reduces the average deployment time to 40 seconds.

Freeze Protection

A control panel is designed within the Single Page Application architecture. After the first page has been loaded, all pages load instantly, without lag. Focus completely on your project.

2FA Guard

We bring you the best options for protecting your control panel. You can set up two-factor authentication via mobile app or SMS. Right in the panel settings.

What Makes Us Different

We provide entirely new vision of your perfect cloud experience.

Billing that Saves Your Money

Other cloud providers offer you to pay monthly or hourly. Our system bills in 10 minutes increments. If you use the VM for 30 minutes and then delete it, you will only pay for 30 minutes. No more.

  • Accept PayPal
  • Promised payment
  • No linked credit card is required

Technological Know-How

We use an innovative hyperconverged vStack platform. The platform is powered by Open Source technologies that provide amazing performance. It is the first of its kind, the unique one.

  • OS FreeBSD
  • Bhyve hypervisor
  • ZFS file system

Thousands of Customers Say «I Love It!»

“Serverspace has provided me Remote Desktop Services at a much cheaper price as compared to other providers in the market like AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure. Customer support is also helpful at most of the occasions.”
“I use Serverspace because provides very stable and fast servers. Also, your site provides many features to the user, and I can build a new server or delete the previous server whenever I want. Fully automatic, as well as full support. Thanks for the importance you give to the user.”
“I am Brazilian, and after testing several and several sites, both Brazilian and foreign, I arrived at the Serverspace and stayed, in the others it was not 1-2 months, bad service, instabilities and disproportionate price to what was offered, when trying the Serverspace, I fell in love, because it meets my needs without any problems and with practicality my needs.”

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Serverspace is Launching a New Flexible Plan for Everyone
October 21, 2020

Serverspace is Launching a New Flexible Plan for Everyone

Unlimited data transfer. Custom CPU, RAM, SSD, and bandwidth up to 200 Mbps. Welcome to the reimagined cloud!
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