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Cloud for any Workloads

Develop, deploy and test software using powerful equipment. Increase the effectiveness of your team with 24/7 project sharing worldwide access.
Use superior VMs with a guaranteed set of resources and a dedicated IP address to host any number of sites, databases, and web apps.
RDP, VPC etc.
Create full-function virtual desktops, private virtual networks, and proxies that let you stay online anonymously.
Perform migration of the company's IT infrastructure, corporate mails, CRM systems, accounting data, etc. to a secure cloud.

Everything You Need

99,9% SLA

We guarantee high availability and financial compensation in case of SLA violations.

Pay&Go Billing

Our services are charged every 10 minutes and only for the resources actually used.

Live Support

Our technical support team is ready to provide you with professional help.

Powerful Hardware

We use enterprise equipment from leading global manufacturers.

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Deploy Worldwide

Our infrastructure is located in the largest data centers in the world.

From Europe

Our office is located in the Netherlands and we accept payments in euro.

Simple Control

Deploy Globally

Start Your Cloud Journey Migration made simplified. Take the first step right now.
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