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Additional licenses

RDS *, 3 CALs
17 eur/month
RDS, from 4th per CAL
5.7 eur/month
MS Office Standard
10.8 eur/month
MS Office Pro Plus
14.7 eur/month

* RDS — Remote Desktop Services. Before the license purchase
you already get RDS with RDP access to the server for 2 users.

Additional services

Add. IPv4 address
1.4 eur + bandwidth fee
Public Network
15 eur/month
Routed Network
1.4 eur/month
Add. 10 Mbit/s *
1.4 eur/month

* Each terminal server has a 10 Mbit/s communication channel, by default.
The increase of channel bandwidth will be charged additionally.


We use enterprise-level equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers (Cisco, NetApp)

Cisco servers

  • vCPU Intel Xeon Gold 6254, 3 GHz
  • vRAM ECC DDR4, 2.6 MHz
  • Up to 32 core vCPU and 320 GB vRAM

Cisco network

  • Redundant equipment
  • Network standard: 40 Gbit/s
  • Duplicated communication channels

NetApp DSS

  • NetApp AFF disk arrays
  • Triple data replication
  • Data availability 99,999%

Reliable data centers

We use double equipment redundancy at all levels. It ensures that our servers have the highest level of availability and fault tolerance

Amsterdam, the Netherlands (АМ2)

AM2 data center is one of the most modern data centers in Europe with a high level of reliability certificates and the PCI DSS standard certification. The data center is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The owner of the AM2 data center in Amsterdam is Equinix, Inc. It has been specializing in data center construction and maintenance for more than 20 years. The company is a leader in the global market, with 200 data centers in 24 countries on five continents.

Features: power redundancy N+1, Air conditioner N+2 configuration, cooling redundancy N+1. Read more

Moscow, Russia (DataSpace)

DataSpace is the first Russian data center with Tier lll Gold certification from the Uptime Institute. The data center has been providing services for more than 6 years.

Features: electric circuit with N+1 configuration, which provides the necessary redundancy, 6 independent 2 MVA transformers, walls, floors, and ceilings are designed to provide fire resistance ratings up to 2 hours. Read more

Minsk, Belarus (beCloud)

The Republican beCloud data center — is the only fourth-generation modular data center in Belarus, which provides a high level of reliability and security. beCloud data center is recognized as the first and the largest Tier III certified data center in the country.

Features: an uninterruptible power supply system in each rack with two independent lines, network redundancy N+1, two diesel generators with a capacity of 2.5 MW each, capable to provide off-line work up to 72 hours. Read more

We care about our clients

Our priority is to satisfy the highest requirements of businesses and individuals

SLA 99.9%

We guarantee uninterrupted infrastructure work and 99.9% availability according to the Service Level Agreement (SLA). We also provide financial compensation in case of its violation.

No fixed payments

We don’t offer any fixed monthly plans with fixed resources. We charge every 10 minutes and only for the resources you use. Refill the balance for the amount you need and stop overpaying for unnecessary capacity.

Guaranteed data protection

The architecture of our cloud does not have a single point of failure. In case of an unforeseen failure of any architectural object, the virtual infrastructure will not be affected.

VMware virtualization

We use the VMware ESXi hypervisor, as well as VMware DRS and High Availability technologies. After a hardware failure, they automatically restore operation and allocate guaranteed server resources.


What is IaaS?

IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) is a scalable computing infrastructure rental service. Here, you pay only for the resources you use. It helps you save money when purchasing and managing your physical servers as well as other infrastructure in data centers.

Using VMware-based IaaS, Serverspace clients rent reliable virtual machines created in the cloud on enterprise-level equipment, have access to a high-speed Internet channel, get the ability to make their own server configurations, select data center locations with the availability of 99.9% according to SLA and more.

Advantages of renting virtual infrastructure

A virtual infrastructure rental service at Serverspace helps you optimize the capital costs on purchasing and deploying expensive equipment for servers, as well as the need to upgrade the infrastructure in the future. All of these responsibilities are covered by the cloud provider.

Cloud IT infrastructure is easy to scale. It lets you change the configuration of ready-to-go virtual machines quickly depending on the situation. Another visible advantage is a service level agreement (SLA). According to the SLA, Serverspace guarantees 99.9% of virtual machine availability, which is the highest level. In case of violation of this condition, clients are provided with monetary compensation. The amount of compensation is stated in the same agreement.

Common use of cloud infrustracture

The majority of the clients choose the infrastructure for hosting sites, deploying infrastructure for CRM systems, as well as for creating and managing remote desktops. However, virtual cloud infrastructure helps you perform a huge number of other tasks, including the creation of specialized test environments, development zones, sandboxes and much more.

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