Deploy a server with a tool for building, running, updating and managing containers.

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Simplified deployment

Spin up your servers in 40 sec, without long setups and boring docs to read.


Service charges every 10 minutes. You pay only for the servers you use.

Global Locations
Worldwide coverage

Run your servers globally. We have low latency and high availability network.

Why choose Serverspace?

Explore Serverspace opportunities to grow your business.

Control panel serverspace cloud

User-friendly interface

Our control panel has the necessary tools to monitor the state of your infrastructure and comfortably manage your application. Any problem is solved within the panel through the ticketing system.

serverspace cloud high performance servers

Easy customization

Set the server configuration in the handy Serverspace control panel. If the default configuration does not suit you, you can customize the resources to your own needs.


Predictable prices

Estimate costs for a project with Serverspace pricing system. Funds are charged once in every 10 minutes, allowing you to pay for servers only for their lifetime.

Run Docker in 1 click

Deploy a virtual server with Docker preinstalled.

Isolated environment

Docker runs applications in containers, isolating them from each other. This allows you to launch multiple containers at the same time on the same host.


Dependency management

Docker containers are packed with software and all its dependencies: libraries, system tools, code and configuration files. This simplifies application migration to the test system and the production environment.


Virtual machine calculator

You are not tied to rates and can rent any cloud server configuration.



How to install Docker on CentOS 8?

To install and always update Docker to the latest version, add the developer repository to the system.

Continued in the tutorial.

What is the difference between Docker and Kubernetes?

Docker and Kubernetes are two different technologies, so it is not fair to question the choice between them. Most of the time, they work together.

How much does a server with Docker cost?

Pricing for Serverspace VPS servers depends on the selected virtual machine configuration (vCPU, RAM, SSD, Volume). You can find the prices here.