Deploy an infrastructure with a pre-installed Nginx web server and don't waste time configuring it yourself.

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Simplified deployment

Spin up your servers in 40 sec, without long setups and boring docs to read.


Service charges every 10 minutes. You pay only for the servers you use.

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Worldwide coverage

Run your servers globally. We have low latency and high availability network.

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User-friendly interface

Our control panel has the necessary tools to monitor the state of your infrastructure and comfortably manage your application. Any problem is solved within the panel through the ticketing system.

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Easy customization

Set the server configuration in the handy Serverspace control panel. If the default configuration does not suit you, you can customize the resources to your own needs.


Predictable prices

Estimate costs for a project with Serverspace pricing system. Funds are charged once in every 10 minutes, allowing you to pay for servers only for their lifetime.

How Nginx can help you?

Dedicated port or IP address

If there is a large amount of static content on the server, Nginx is used to allocate a separate IP address or port for these operations. In this way the workload on the server is balanced.

Creating Serverspace infrastructure

Proxy server

When loading a website page with static content, Nginx first caches the data and then returns the result. The next time this page is requested, the response will be many times faster.

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Mail server

The Nginx web server has built-in authentication mechanisms. Therefore, it is often used to redirect to email services after the client is authenticated.

Serverspace CLI

Nginx features

Resilient Fast

Nginx web server has high speed of static content processing. It is 2.5 times faster than the main competitor, Apache.


The simplicity and flexibility of configuring Nginx allows you to configure the infrastructure to the needs of each user.

Redundant Reliable
OS compatibility

Nginx supports many popular UNIX-based operating systems, including Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD, and OpenBSD. Windows support is limited but still present.

Load balancing

To reduce the load on RAM, the web server uses a dedicated memory segment — the pool. It is dynamic and can be scaled with increasing request length.

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You are not tied to rates and can rent any cloud server configuration.



Which to choose: Nginx or Apache?

Apache is the main competitor to Nginx. Unlike Nginx, it has full Windows support and a simple architecture. Processing speed of dynamic content (video, graphics) in two competitors is the same, but static content Nginx processes 2.5 times faster.

Nginx and Apache can work together. The first processes static content, the second dynamic content.

Where to find documentation on Nginx?

All documentation can be found on the Nginx website: You can also contact support for technical assistance.