Cloud VPN

Run a server with pre-installed software and save your time.

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Server with a pre-installed application in Serverspace

Sign in to the control panel and discover all the benefits of a cloud VPN.

Project Details

Intuitive control panel interface makes working with configured servers easier. The panel meets modern
UI design standards.

Resilient Fast

The innovative hyper-converged vStack platform is based on open-source technologies providing
high performance.


There's no fixed fee, your balance is charged every 10 minutes. You pay only for the actual use
of the VPS server.


Configuring software does not require much effort and time. Applications are pre-installed
and are ready-to-use.

Server with SoftEther VPN

Deploy a configured server with SoftEther VPN and get connection access from any device in three minutes.

Serverspace users get:

  • 50 Mbps bandwidth.
  • IP address in one of the five locations.
  • SoftEther VPN web interface for monitoring statistics and configuration access.

Run a server that encrypts data and provides increased network security.

High Speed

Enjoy the maximum bandwidth that you don't have to share with other users.

Specific features

Connect to the server with SoftEther VPN from any device and from anywhere.


Which applications are available for configured server creation?

Server creation is available with the following applications:

  • SoftEther VPN

Other applications will become available soon. Stay tuned.

What is SoftEther VPN?

It is an open-source software for creating VPN tunnels with several protocols.

To start a server with SoftEther VPN, you should do the following:

  • Open the "Configured servers" tab in the control panel.
  • Select the Data Center where you want to deploy a server.
  • Click the "Create" button.