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February 26, 2024
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How to contact Serverspace technical support team?

Control panel FAQ

If you have any problems or questions while working with the infrastructure, you can report it to our technical support.

  • The average time for a specialist to respond to a ticket is 15 minutes.
  • Request resolution time is 30 minutes.

There are several ways to contact support.

Contact via the ticket system in the control panel

While in the project management menu, there is a Support section in the сorner. By going to it, a window for creating a request will open

Creating tickets through pannel

Here you indicate the topic of the appeal and describe your question in detail. If necessary, you can attach a file to your application

Creating a ticket


After creating a request, you will be sent to a chat with a specialist, where you can ask clarifying questions and rate the result of resolving the request.
Opened ticket and Support answer

After creating the request, you will also receive an email notification where you can track the status of the ticket:

Example of a mailback about creating a support ticket



After completing work with a specialist, you can click on the Mark as resolved button, the request will be closed:

Close ticket confirmation


Contact via phone

You can contact support by phone:
+31 20 262-58-98

Contact via chat on the website

Before registering on the site or if you cannot get into the control panel, you can ask a question through the chat on the site. To do this, click on the Letters icon in the lower right corner.

Creating a ticket on the main web-site

Here you can

  • attach files - Paperclip icon;
  • indicate your contact information - name, email address and your phone number;
  • enable/disable sound from chat notifications.

Opened ticket via site


Quantitative and qualitative target indicators of Serverspace service services, as well as financial guarantees of their compliance, are determined by the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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1101 CT Amsterdam The Netherlands, Herikerbergweg 292
+31 20 262-58-98
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