Serverspace has cut down deployment time of the cloud servers by 86.6%

Flexible Cloud Servers

Fastest, secure and fault-tolerant cloud computing on-demand solution. Deploy in 40 seconds.

Simplified Deployment
Spin up your VM in 40 sec. Without long setups and boring docs to read.
Pay&Go Billing
Service charges every 10 minutes. You pay only for the VM you use.
Global Markets
Run your VM globally. We have low latency and high availability network.

Better Hardware

Quickly scale-up resources after deploying thanks to amazing flexibility of CPU, RAM and drives.
Powerful Xeon Gold CPUs
VMs are based on the latest 2nd Gen Intel Scalable CPUs with 3.1 GHz frequency and deliver a revolutionary new level of cloud computing.
Blazing NVMe SSDs
Cloud servers have fast-speed solid-state drives with awesome IOPS rate. Data is stored 3x and always available with no lags.

Geekbench Champ

Compare Geekbench score of Serverspace VMs with the others cloud providers. Implementation of real tasks on servers with 1 vCPU and 1 GB memory.

Pre-built Software

Choose various OS or Apps preconfigured templates to save your time.

Complete Cloud Environment

Use all cloud capabilities to build the strongest infrastructure to development.

Private Network

Enjoy a completely isolated environment with no Internet. Connect servers located in a selected data center and build a secure private cloud for your business.


Monitor system performance from global locations in real-time. Set up your metrics and receive alert notifications on email.

Object Storage

Use S3-compatible storage to give your apps high scalability with no restrictions. It is easy to manage and flexible to store data of any size.

Block Storage

Add high-speed volumes to your VMs and easily resize them when using. Volumes depend on the cloud servers and save your data until VMs are deleted.

Top Cloud Platform

Cloud works on innovative hyperconverged vStack platform based on superior Open Source technologies. Lightweight bhyve hypervisor and OS FreeBSD with simplified codebase help build new generation virtual machines.

Deploy Worldwide

Cloud servers are available around the world in 4 global markets: Europe, USA, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Product Features

GDPR compliance
Public IPv4 networks
99.9% SLA guaranteed
100 Mbps bandwidth
24х7 live support

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What hardware do you use?

We use servers with two 18-core Intel Xeon Gold 6254 3.1 GHz processors, DDR4 ECC LR-DIMM 2.9 GHz RAM and fast-speed NVMe SSDs with N+2 backup (analog to RAID-6).

Why you call it a Cloud server?

Cloud server is a hardware-based server, connected to other hardware servers forming a single fault-tolerant cluster. When one of the servers fails, it instantly switches to a functioning server and thus provides high availability. Cloud server is also scalable, which allows you to quickly increase it capacity at any time.

Is my data secure?

Cloud service providers try to protect user data, otherwise they risk their reputation and, as a result, money. Therefore, they hire serious information security professionals and invest a lot of money in data encryption, protection of communication channels and quality support. As a result, it happens that the cloud infrastructure is better protected than the data that you store on local computers or your own data centers.

Where is cloud data physically located?

All data stored in the cloud resides on physical servers. These servers operate in dedicated data centers that are geographically distributed from each other. The data is automatically replicated to different servers. Therefore, if one of the servers fails, the data is opened at the same second on the other server.

What are the advantages of cloud services?

One of the main benefits of the cloud is cost savings. You no longer need to buy expensive computers with huge performance and a lot of memory, all your information will be stored on the cloud and most of the calculations will be done there. Instead of constantly purchasing new software for all employees, it is enough to purchase the software for the cloud once. And the cost of maintaining them in working order is completely reduced to zero.

Also, for the cloud, the problem of component breakage is not relevant. In storage and data centers, buildings where virtual infrastructure is deployed, multi-tier redundancy of computing resources is planned. There may be failures, but they do not pose fatal problems typical for physical servers. Problems are resolved an order of magnitude faster than operating a local server, thanks to redundancy and specialized personnel.

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