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Deploy scalable and secure virtual machines in under 40 seconds, in 7 geo-distributed locations.

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All cloud hosting plans include

Resilient Fast
Unlimited data transfer

Take advantage of unlimited traffic to implement large-scale projects and solve business tasks.

Dedicated IP address

Gain independence from other users by getting an individual IP address.

Serverspace SSD
Blazing SSDs

VPS has fast-speed solid-state drives with an awesome IOPS rate. Data is stored 3x and available with no lags.

Serverspace Support
100% free human support

Our specialists are available around the clock via email, phone, in the control panel and chat.

1.5x better performance

Compare the Geekbench 4 score of Serverspace virtual machines with the other cloud providers. Implementation of real tasks on servers with 1 vCPU and 1 GB memory.

Serverspace data centers

Deploy worldwide

We offer 7 cloud hosting locations around the globe.

Secure and reliable cloud hosting

  • 99.9% Uptime guaranteed
  • GDPR compliance
  • ISO-certified data centers
  • Two-factor authentication
secure cloud

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No hidden charges. Pay-as-you-go.

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Final configuration

Deploy any software in 1 click

Spin up virtual servers with the latest versions of your favourite apps and operating systems.

Powerful tools to save your time

Expand the capabilities of your cloud servers to achieve higher results.

Serverspace private network

Private Network

Build a completely isolated infrastructure for corporate purposes. Create a secure private cloud to control and manage your personal data.

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Track metrics on server load and performance in real time. Receive email notifications if there are problems with the infrastructure.

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Serverspace Object storage

Object Storage

Use S3-compatible storage to give your apps high scalability with no restrictions. It is easy to manage and flexible to store data of any size.

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Block storage

Block Storage

Provide additional data space by adding high-speed volumes to your virtual machines and easily resize them on demand. Suitable for placing databases or apps.

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Set up automatic daily backups to prevent data loss. Recover the server from the reserved copy directly in the control panel.



Create server snapshots to restore the file system and network settings at a specific time point.

User-friendly control panel

Easily manage your cloud servers through a single interface.


Easily deploy cloud servers in 40 seconds with a dedicated server pool that is accessed by the control panel at the time of order.


Get detailed information about cloud server load, tariff and uptime. View records of all events in your profile: purchases, server starts and stops, current expenses.


Set up two-factor authentication through the mobile app to increase the security of your account.

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What is VPS or cloud server?

A virtual server (VPS) fully simulates the operation of a dedicated server using hardware virtualization, which divides the dedicated server into several virtual servers independent of each other.

In Serverspace, VPS/VDS server virtualization is performed using vStack hypervisor — the most reliable and stable solution for remote server management. To rent a VPS/VDS-server, just choose the necessary virtual server configuration, data center, where the infrastructure will be deployed, and click on "Create server".

Do you charge for stopped servers?

When the server is turned off, you are charged only for disk space (SSD), backups and snapshots, licenses, and public IP addresses. You will NOT be charged for RAM and CPU.

What hardware do you use?

See our full information about our hardware here.

What does "Pay-as-you-go" mean?

With Pay-as-you, there are no fixed fees. Payments are deducted every 10 minutes only for used servers. For example, if you use a virtual machine for 30 minutes and delete it, you only pay for 30 minutes.

Can I change VM configuration?

Yes. You can change vCPU, RAM, Volume, and bandwidth.

RAM and vCPU capacity can be changed without data loss, it only requires a reboot. Bandwidth scaling doesn’t require rebooting the server.

Do you have backups?

Backups are only available for Vmware cloud servers.

To create a backup, go to the "Backup" tab, click Enable, and select the copy retention time.

Backups can be stored for 7, 14, 21 or 28 days. They will be saved every day.

Is there a limit to the number of servers created?

By default, you can only create 25 servers in one project. If you need more, contact our support team to unlock the restriction.

What operating system templates do you offer?

  • Windows;
  • FreeBSD;
  • Debian;
  • Ubuntu;
  • CentOS;
  • Oracle.

Can I test the VPS for free?

We don't have free testing, but in order to evaluate the server performance it is enough to refill your balance with at least the minimum amount — 5 euros.

You can test hypotheses without high costs and choose the right performance: for example, to assess whether a server with 1 vCPU and 1 GB RAM suits you or you need more resources.

What server configurations do you offer?

You can choose between:

  • fixed configurations, where you do not need to choose the ratio of RAM, cores and disks — we offer popular types of VPS servers, already configured and ready to work.
  • custom configurations, allowing you to choose the right ratio of resources to suit your needs.

Some of our clients reviews

“We were searching for a reliable cloud hosting for our project to scale up. We chose Serverspace. All servers with top-notch hardware. You can configure it according to your tasks, set your own OS, it also lets you create your own internal Gigabit VLAN. In general, we are happy with it since the very beginning. ”
“I am very happy with everything. I use a cloud server and object storage. The server easily withstands demand loads of even 10K unique users and 50K number of clicks per day. SSDs are really fast, the processor is fair. We have never run into performance limitations. The best price/quality ratio.”
“Before I switched providers from one to another but there weren't suitable providers. Finally, I found Serverspace and have been using its servers for 4 months. There are no such cheap virtual private servers with high network speed. Until now I haven't faced any issue with my servers.   Server creation is very fast and hourly pay really fits me. I really love the service from Serverspace. Thank you very much Serverspace.”
Average Score 4.9
Reviews 1029