Serverspace Terraform Provider

A tool to declaratively manage cloud infrastructure using config files.

What Terraform is for

Time saving

Building, scaling and recovering the infrastructure takes less time than with manual configuration.

Redundant Reliable
Eliminating mistakes

Using a configuration file always leads to the same result. The human factor is excluded.


The IaC allows you to deploy an identical infrastructure in another location. Any setting can always be changed in the config file.

Cloud Management
Version control

Keep track of every configuration change. If you are not satisfied with the update, you can always revert to an earlier state.

Easily connect Serverspace
as Your Provider

Execute a couple of simple commands on the Serverspace Terraform Provider page and generate an API Token to enable Terraform functionalities in the Serverspace services.

Verified by HashiCorp

HashiCorp added Serverspace Terraform provider to the list of verified providers. This means Servespace Terraform provider is a member of the HashiCorp Technology Partner Program, which ensures that users have the necessary tools for cloud infrastructure deployment.


HashiCorp Serverspace

Terraform ecosystem

Serverspace is part of a huge Terraform ecosystem that includes more than a thousand infrastructure providers and technology partners. Explore the world of Terraform by starting working with Serverspace.

HashiCorp Serverspace Terraform provider

Getting started with Terraform

Detailed instructions on how to install and configure Terraform Provider are available in the control panel.

Account preparation and Terraform installation

  1. Sign up in the Serverspace control panel and refill your balance. To estimate the cost of server configuration, see pricing.
  2. Download the Terraform distribution package and install it on your operating system. We recommend using the official guide.
Serverspace installation

Serverspace Provider Configuration

  1. Create an API key for the project.
  2. Create and open the configuration file.
  3. Insert the provider information in the file, where is your API key, and save the changes.
  4. Execute the "terraform init" command.
Serverspace connecting

Creating cloud infrastructure

  1. Create and open the file.
  2. Insert the information about the public part of the ssh key into the file and save the changes.
  3. Create and open the file.
  4. Insert the description of your infrastructure into the file
  5. Run the command "terraform apply".
Creating Serverspace infrastructure

Some of our clients reviews

“We were searching for a reliable cloud hosting for our project to scale up. We chose Serverspace. All servers with top-notch hardware. You can configure it according to your tasks, set your own OS, it also lets you create your own internal Gigabit VLAN. In general, we are happy with it since the very beginning.”
“I am very happy with everything. I use a cloud server and object storage. The server easily withstands demand loads of even 10K unique users and 50K number of clicks per day. SSDs are really fast, the processor is fair. We have never run into performance limitations. The best price/quality ratio.”
“Before I switched providers from one to another but there weren't suitable providers. Finally, I found Serverspace and have been using its servers for 4 months. There are no such cheap virtual private servers with high network speed. Until now I haven't faced any issue with my servers.   Server creation is very fast and hourly pay really fits me. I really love the service from Serverspace. Thank you very much Serverspace.”


What is Terraform?

Terraform is a tool from HashiCorp that allows you to manage your cloud infrastructure declaratively using configuration files. Thanks to the "Infrastructure as a code" approach, all you need to do is write the necessary state of the infrastructure in the code, and the program will do the rest.

What is Terraform used for?

Terraform is built to simplify the process of managing your infrastructure. With it, you can deploy servers, configure networks, load balancers, and other infrastructure elements.

What does "IaaC" mean?

Infrustrcutre as code (IaaC) involves declarative infrastructure management. This means that it will not perform the same action twice, and the final state of the infrastructure is entered in the configuration file.

How is the interaction with the cloud provider's API performed?

To interact with cloud provider APIs, Terraform uses special modules - "providers". You can download them from official GitHub repositories.

Can Terrafrom work with Docker?

Terraform works with the infrastructure, while software and OS on servers are operated by other IaC management systems: Ansible, Chef, Salt, etc. They can be used in combination with Docker and other containerization systems.

Is it possible to install Terraform on Windows?

Installation on the Windows operating system is quite simple. Go to the product's site, select the Windows operating system of the required bit and download the archive. Then unpack it and get terraform.exe file.

How much does Terraform-Provider cost?

It's free. To get started, you need to download the archive from the Terraform website and follow the instructions above.

How to refill the balance?

We accept:

  • bank cards;
  • PayPal;
  • Everscale.

The minimum refill value is €5.

How does billing work?

Services are billed according to the Pay-as-you-go model. This means that you are charged once every 10 minutes only for used servers. For example, if you use a virtual machine for 30 minutes and delete it, you only pay for 30 minutes.