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Low Latency
Server in a minute
Virtual servers can be created in just a minute, such deployment time is one of the best in the industry.
Serverspace SLA
SLA 99,9%
We guarantee uninterrupted infrastructure work and its 99.9% availability covered in the Service Level Agreement (SLA).
Powerful hardware
VPS/VDS servers are powered by Intel Xeon Gold 6154. 3.1 GHz super-performance processors.

Deploy cloud infrastructure for your startup

Take advantage of Serverspace's cloud services to launch your startup.

Scalable resources

Scale the number of CPUs, the amount of RAM, disk space, and bandwidth in the control panel. The amount of RAM and the number of vCPUs can be changed without data loss, requiring a reboot, and bandwidth scaling doesn't require stopping the server.

You can create a server with any configuration from 512 MB RAM and 1 Core vCPU up to 320 GB RAM and 64 Core vCPUs.

Big data storage

Predictable prices

Perceive website hosting costs thanks to Serverspace's transparent pricing. Your balance will be charged every 10 minutes, and you’ll pay only for your server's lifetime, scaling the server configuration when needed.

You can easily track your server charges in the Finance section of the Serverspace control panel.

Payment methods serverspace cloud

Shared access

Give your team full or limited access to the Serverspace control panel. Each user can be assigned a role with specific access rights. You can manage project infrastructure and finances together.

You can find detailed information about managing project members and their roles in the instructions.


Entrust your startup to Serverspace Cloud

We provide infrastructure management tools to help you scale
and grow your project quickly.

Virtual server rental calculator

You can order any cloud server configuration you need for your startup.


Run the project with Serverspace infrastructure

Virtual servers
Deploy a vStack or VMware-based server and get access to your cloud in 40 seconds.
Serverspace services
Scalable storage
Store files and unstructured data in S3-compliant storage and pay only for the storage you use.
Private Cloud
Protect your data on an isolated network to create secure and reliable products for your users.
Managed Kubernetes
Deploy apps in Serverspace Kubernetes and easily scale resources as your workload increases.

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