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Serverspace SLA
SLA 99,9%
We guarantee uninterrupted infrastructure work and its 99.9% availability covered in the Service Level Agreement (SLA).
There is no fixed payment: your balance is charged every 10 minutes only when you use virtual servers.
Serverspace Support
24/7 Support
Tech support specialists are available 24 hours a day by phone or via the control panel.

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Take advantage of Serverspace cloud services to launch your service, online store or marketplace.

Big data storage

Scalable resources

Create servers with any configuration from 512 MB RAM and 1 Core vCPU up to 320 GB RAM and 64 Core vCPUs. Configure the number of vCPUs, amount of RAM, disk space, and bandwidth in the control panel as your site or service evolves.

Control panel serverspace cloud

Intuitive interface

Manage virtual servers with Serverspace's intuitive dashboard. Add services, track server costs and metrics, and manage your cloud infrastructure in a single interface.

serverspace cloud high performance servers

High performance

Get virtual servers with super-performance powered by 3.1 GHz Intel Xeon Gold processors and solid-state drives with high I/O per second and triple data replication.

Deploy the cloud for E-commerce

Grow your online sales by hosting your projects in the Serverspace cloud. Maintain high performance of your platform even at peak load, improve the website speed and enhance customer experience.

Virtual server rental calculator

You can order any cloud server configuration you need for your project.


Run a website with Serverspace infrastructure

Virtual servers
Deploy a vStack or VMware-based server and get access to your cloud in 40 seconds.
Serverspace services
Scalable storage
Store files and unstructured data in S3-compliant storage and pay only for the storage you use.
Edge Gateways
Configure NAT and firewall rules to protect your project data on isolated networks.
DNS hosting
Delegate a domain to a resilient DNS server and manage its resource records using the Serverspace control panel.

Need support?

If you need advice from a technician, log in to the control panel and create a support ticket.