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Deploy WordPress on your virtual server. Customize its settings and install any software.

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Serverspace SLA
99.9% SLA

Ongoing access to our servers within SLA or money back in case of its disruption is guaranteed.


There is no fixed payment – your balance is charged every 10 minutes only when you use virtual servers.

100 Mbps channel

Each server is provided with 1 IPv4 address and the internet channel with a capacity of 100 Mbps.

Advantages over virtual hosting

Why professional webmasters prefer to choose virtual servers.

No workload limits

When using a virtual server, you are limited only by its parameters. There are no daily limits on using CP and MySQL, in comparison to all virtual hostings.

Serverspace services

Сonfigure the server from scratch on your own. Install the latest versions of LAMP/LEMP-stacks as the entire world does.

Cloud Management
Selecting and updating the OS

Install an operating system you find the most familiar and convenient to use on your server. Update it via SSH with simple commands.

Resilient Fast
Full independence

As an addition to the server, you get your own public IPv4 address. It only belongs to you, and you do not share it with anyone else.

Fast server response time

Virtual servers are running as efficiently as possible with any WordPress plugins and themes.

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“Perfect, i really recommend it to everyone. Prices are cheap. Hosting is relative quick, easy-to-use managing panel Been using the service for a month, and i like the "Discounts, deals, sales" they are providing!”
“Your advantage over other companies is the price and easier level of access. It was great for me to be able to upgrade at any time, and I was able to change resources depending on the program I was running.”
“Serverspace is one of the best server hosting experiences I have had. Very easy to set up and get going. Problems are handled very quickly if they arise. The cost for servers is very affordable as well. None of the servers I use with Serverspace have gone down so over 99% uptime as well. ”
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