Virtual Private Cloud — New service for secure your business


Virtual Private Cloud — New service for secure your business
Serverspace is launching a service for creating isolated networks. It lets you combine virtual servers in a private cloud within a single data center.
Deploy cloud servers in Russia
Serverspace presents a new platform for hosting vStack virtual servers, located in the DataSpace, Moscow data center.
New CentOS 8.1 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS templates
Serverspace has added a feature to automatically deploy CentOS 8.1 and Ubuntu 20.04 operating systems with the x64 architecture using ready-made templates on vStack virtual servers.
Additional drives on vStack servers
Serverspace added the ability to connect additional SSDs to vStack virtual servers.
Additional RDP licenses on vStack servers
Serverspace clients now have an opportunity to activate additional RDP licenses on vStack virtual servers on Windows.
Serverspace offers SMS-based two-factor authentication
Serverspace added an extra layer of protection for your accounts, which is free SMS two-factor authentication.
Serverspace provides Free VPS Servers to Technical Universities
The promotion is valid for the time of the coronavirus pandemic for organizing distance learning and writing diplomas.
Signing up for Serverspace with Google and Facebook
Apart from the standard email registration, clients have a choice to sign up for Serverspace with Google, as well as from the Facebook social network.
Instant payments with PayPal
Serverspace has got a new method of payment. Now you can use a PayPal international payment system to pay for services with no commission.
The DNS section update: new interface and PTR records
There is a slight but pleasant upgrade of the control panel: we have updated the DNS hosting services section - now you can edit PTR records.
Data Processing Center in New Jersey, the USA
We have widened the list of available data centers for VPS vStack service users and added a new platform.
Projects — a new feature in the control panel
We have added a new feature in our control panel, which helps you create and manage projects.
A new range of VPS plans on vStack
We have launched a new range of fixed VPS plans powered by vStack hyper-convergent platform for Linux and Windows.
Monitoring — a new service at Serverspace
We are happy to offer our new monitoring service. The service operates in the automatic mode.
Let’s meet object storage
Object storage - is a new service we offer. It lets you store data of any type and size in a secure cloud.
New AM2 data center in Amsterdam
We have added a new platform - the AM2 data center located in Amsterdam!
Serverspace in Europe!
Dear friends, now we have an official Serverspace representative office in Europe.
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