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I use Serverspace because provides very stable and fast servers. Also, your site provides many features to the user, and I can build a new server or delete the previous server whenever I want. Fully automatic, as well as full support. Thanks for the importance you give to the user :)
Hi All! I've been using Serverspace's vStack platform for a few months now and I can't fault it enough. Latency is low, fast reboots and I've had zero downtime. If you want a quick to setup time, SUPER easy to manage control panel, responsive support and competitive pricing, I really can't recommend them enough.
We were searching for a reliable cloud hosting for our project to scale up. We chose Serverspace. All servers with top-notch hardware. You can configure it according to your tasks, set your own OS, it also lets you create your own internal Gigabit VLAN. In general, we are happy with it since the very beginning.
They have helped organize an RDP for 15 employees. We are happy with our decision. The best balance between the plan cost and high server performance.
We have used Serverspace to quickly deploy servers in the cloud for large-scale CPU computing. Its performance is consistently high, there are no power cuts even under high load. I can see that the company is developing and does not stand still. So far, we are satisfied with the service.
I really liked that they have data centers in Europe as well as in the States, it is very convenient for me, I can store all important data in separate data centers that are split geographically. It never hangs or freezes, because they have their own powerful hardware. The control panel is simple and easy to understand, I have figured out how to use it in no time, with no problems. And the prices are nice.
I am very happy with everything. I use a cloud server and object storage. The server easily withstands demand loads of even 10K unique users and 50K number of clicks per day. SSDs are really fast, the processor is fair. We have never run into performance limitations. The best price/quality ratio.
Servers are physically located in several countries, so there are some specific features. Uptime is pretty good, and they warn you about the website maintenance works in advance. I can quickly deploy test and monitoring equipment for my tasks. Everything is convenient, clear, and transparent.
I want to express my deep gratitude to the Serverspace team! It is really not an ordinary company, but professionals working 24/7. Their support team, that solves problems rather than putting them on the client's shoulders.I am a client of many hosting companies, but I enjoy working only when I use Serverspace service.
We have been using the service for three months now, and I can say that it is probably one of the best hostings who offer excellent quality for reasonable money among European hosting companies. Plans can be easily scaled to meet your current needs. The control panel is just great. Adequate and prompt support, they will always help with any question.
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