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I took 2 servers in Amsterdam for my projects. Uptime is beyond praise. Also surprisingly turned out to be a crystal-clear support service. Through the ticket, I asked for a refund of some of the money that I transferred by mistake, and the money was returned immediately and without any excuses. You are the best!
I needed cloud servers for a video service. Found Serverspace by an ad. The service covers all needs, namely: it allows to manage power, increase capacity at any time, it has an excellent branded enterprise-hardware (without cheap SuperMicro, etc.), you can combine servers in a network. Thanks to Serverspace, we can provide our customers with high-quality service and build infrastructure in a failover cluster. We are very satisfied and wish you success in business.
Very positive impressions of this company. Choose from many, honestly. The guys themselves are all right, read reviews about them, but decided to test, yet reviews are written by competitors too. The quality of the services provided was high. We have been working for 6 months. During this time, there were no failures at all.
I switched to their servers after Vultr, it turned out to be cheaper since there are no surcharges for obscure services. Overall happy, support helped move all projects. I am very glad that they were recommended to me.
Large selection of server configurations, you can also create individual configurations. Support works at the level, all issues are resolved quickly. Everything is of high quality, reliable and prices do not bite.
A balanced solution for my project. Adequate price and stability in combination with excellent software. Without problems, you can change the desired characteristics. With minimal knowledge of server administration and technical support, I was able to configure Nginx, which significantly increased the quality and speed of the resource. Best value for money.
Very good internet provider, I have been using it for six months now. No comments revealed, the speed is good, the service is not loaded. I also note a convenient control panel. Fast technical support that will help at any time of the day, regardless of the complexity of the problem. Another big plus provider, reasonable prices for services. I am satisfied, I recommend.
I’ve recently had a chance to try out the service offered by Serverspace. The first thing I notice is the user interface is very intuitive. As much as I love AWS, the design of Serverspace feels much more natural and is quite pretty. Another nice feature was the blue sliders for the server settings. Sometimes I am trying to quickly spin up a server during a “fire” and having to specifically click and key in the numbers I need sets me back. Finally, the settings are simple but they do not feel lacking for the majority of deployments.
I am very satisfied with the simplicity and ergonomy of the platform. The various possibilities it offers enabled me to concentrate on the core service and get reassured about the infrastructure details. So, I have not brought time on checking the physical hardware issues or storage errors since at every point of time my data is backed up and securely available over the network. For high-quality VPS Services, don't hesitate: it is your ultimate choice
I love to check out different services and a few days ago I have found out Serverspace. Regarding the Server creation, it was easier than Vultr or Digital Ocean. The website is easy to navigate and it took me less than 4 minutes to create the server including the registering part. For me, as a system administrator, it is very important not to lose time in a "register-server creation" part, so I can be focused directly on the server setup directly.
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