Serverspace launched CDN
Daniella Coleman
March 10, 2023
Updated March 13, 2023

Serverspace launched CDN

Cloud provider Serverspace held the technical launch of a new service - CDN (Content Delivery Network). Now users can configure their domain to the CDN and delegate it to the provider's name servers via the control panel.

CDN is a geographically distributed server network designed to accelerate and optimize the delivery of Web content (HTML pages, images and other file types) to end users.

Using CDN allows to:

  • reduce the load on the main server;
  • improve security;
  • protect website against DDoS attacks;
  • increase the availability of the website.

CDN works on the principle of transferring content from servers that areclosest to the end user. When users request data from a web page, they obtain it from the closest server in the CDN network. This decreases load time and improves website performance. In addition, CDN can perform caching where a copy of the web page data is stored on the server closest to the user.


CDN Serverspace is built on a proprietary design. The servers that make up its structure are located on 3 continents in 6 points of presence: Amsterdam, Moscow, Minsk, Toronto, New Jersey and Almaty.

At the next step of the CDN service development, Serverspace developers will add the ability to view the statistics of utilized traffic. The next update is scheduled for the second quarter of the year.

Information on how to connect a domain to a CDN you can find in this tutorial.

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