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Daniella Coleman
March 31, 2023
Updated April 3, 2023

Serverspace named Momentum Leader in G2’s Spring report

g2 momentum grid

Serverspace got into 3 reports from G2 this spring. Every season, the provider gets into the G2 Grid and Small-Business Grid reports for VPS and it is named High Performer. Now Serverspace was ranked 8th in the Momentum Grid Report for VPS and was named the Momentum Leader by real users.

Here’s some details of Momentum Grid Report:

  • The user satisfaction score is 74.
  • The overall Momentum Grid score is 55.
  • Web recognition growth increased by 92%.

Serverspace has been recognized based on feedback from real users for each of the Virtual Private Servers (VPS) related questions featured in the G2 Momentum Grid Report. To qualify for inclusion in the Usability Index, Serverspace has got 20 reviews from users with positive evaluation of the service and 5 responses аor every question that pertains to usability. This achievement demonstrates Serverspace commitment to providing a user-friendly and efficient service.

Serverspace also has received positive feedback from users in the Small-Business Grid report for VPS, indicating that the provider is meeting their needs at a high level. As a result, the satisfaction rating points have been increased to 75.

The team at Serverspace is grateful for the support of their users and is committed to continuously enhancing their service. Users are encouraged to provide feedback on regarding their experiences with Serverspace, including any likes or dislikes they may have. This valuable feedback will help Serverspace understand their users' needs better and make necessary improvements to their service.

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