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Comparison Linode and Serverspace

Linode is a cloud computing provider for developers and enterprises that provides virtual infrastructure based on the Linux operating system.

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It is an international cloud provider that provides automatic deployment of VPS based on Linux or Windows operating systems in less than a minute.

Why choose Serverspace?

  • Clear interface

    Using the control panel and configuring virtual machines is possible without system administration skills. You can easily create a server with any configuration from 512 MB RAM and 1 Core vCPU to 320 GB RAM and 64 Core vCPU.

  • Client-centric support

    24/7 technical support specialists respond within 30 minutes. They answer questions about services and help users to solve their technical issues.

  • Fast server deploy

    Ready-to-use servers can be deployed in less than a minute due to the usage of the innovative vStack hyper-converged virtualization platform.

  • Wide range of OS templates

    You can order virtual machines with the latest versions of Linux, Windows and FreeBSD operating systems. It is also possible to create a server with PFSense and VyOS network operating systems.

  • Configured servers

    Gradually expanding the set of pre-installed apps helps users to save time by creating ready-to-use servers with pre-installed software.

These Serverspace advantages were stated in our users’ reviews.

Why choose Linode?

  • Easy interface

    The control panel makes it easy to administrate VPS servers. The Linode developers are constantly release updates to make the user interface better.

  • Efficient support

    The technical support team responds to tickets within an hour and solves all user problems related to system administration.

  • Wide availability

    The Linode platform is deployed in 11 data centers located around the world. Machines can interact with each other, reducing server latency.

  • Linux distributions

    Linux distributions are released frequently, so there are many OS templates available in Linode. However, you must be familiar with the Linux operating system and know the nuances of working with it if you want to use Linode.

  • One-Click App Marketplace

    Fully configured applications from the Linode Marketplace are available in one click. You have full control over the server and the software that is installed on it.

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Compare the Geekbench 4 score of Serverspace VMs with the others cloud providers. Implementation of real tasks on servers with 1 vCPU and 1 GB memory.

What Linux distributions are available at Serverspace?

In Serverspace, you can create servers not only based on Windows and FreeBSD operating systems but also on Linux. The latest versions of CentOS, Oracle Linux, Debian, and Ubuntu distributions are available. OS versions are constantly updated.

What is the difference in the Serverspace control panel?

The design of the Serverspace control panel provides convenient navigation for users with any level of system administration skills. They can easily understand how to create a server and where they can order other services. Serverspace developers constantly add new features to improve the user experience for the company’s clients.

Another feature is a simplified registration process: you don’t have to fill in billing details during registration. Just enter your email and a password to get access to the control panel.