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It is a cloud computing provider that offers VPS server rental services for developers and allows scaling
by running applications on multiple servers simultaneously.

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It is an international cloud infrastructure provider that provides automatic deployment of VPS servers based on Linux or Windows operating systems in less
than a minute.

Why choose Serverspace?

  • User-friendly interface

    Even the users without system administration skills can easily deploy servers with the desired configuration and change them using the control panel interface.

  • Pre-installed apps

    Gradually expanding the set of pre-installed apps allows users to save time and get a ready-to-use server with configured software.

  • Wide knowledge base

    Serverspace tutorials, code examples, documentation, and a glossary help users to set up servers or deploy applications without a hitch.

  • Flexible configuration

    RAM and vCPU capacity can be changed without data loss, it requires a reboot. Bandwidth scaling doesn’t require rebooting the server.

  • Clear billing system

    With 10 minute billing, you pay only for the time of your servers’ existence and can change their configuration when necessary.

These Serverspace advantages were stated in our users’ reviews.

Why choose DigitalOcean?

  • User-friendly interface

    The control panel interface helps simplify cloud infrastructure administration for both professionals and those who are new to cloud administration.

  • Convenient Application Platform

    By using the Marketplace developers can deploy tested application workspaces and customize application integration and support.

  • Detailed documentation

    Manuals, reference materials, code samples, and other useful materials are collected in one site to ease setting up droplets and working with applications.

  • Managed services

    Managed Databases and Kubernetes allow users to get rid of management and maintenance tasks and focus more on projects.

  • Simple pricing

    If a server runs for more than 672 hours a month, a user pays for it monthly, otherwise, an hourly rate applies.

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VPS server performance

Compare the Geekbench 4 score of Serverspace VMs with the others cloud providers. Implementation of real tasks on servers with 1 vCPU and 1 GB memory.

Why do Serverspace services cost less than similar services of other providers?

Serverspace is the ambassador of vStack, the world's first hyper-converged platform based on the FreeBSD OS with a simplified code base and a lightweight bhyve hypervisor. Due to this, virtual servers can be created faster and cost less.

How do droplets differ from servers?

In DigitalOcean, droplets are Linux–based virtual machines or servers, and each droplet can be used both independently and as part of cloud infrastructure. So the difference between a droplet and a server is only their names and providers.

Are there fixed rates in Serverspace?

Serverspace does provide fixed rates for the vStack service. You can find the rates in the control panel. However, the main billing method is pay-as-you-go. With 10 minute billing, Serverspace users pay only for the resources they actually used. This billing method allows testing servers for a small cost.