Serverspace was added in G2 summer report
Daniella Coleman
December 2, 2021

Serverspace provides new service – Managed Kubernetes

The Serverspace users have access to the Managed Kubernetes service. It allows to create and configure clusters for any task ranging from local testing to corporate software development.

Kubernetes provides deployment, scaling, and increase of application stability. It ensures continuous project run due to distribution between several nodes. Projects keep running even if some system components are unavailable.

Serverspace automated the update of all components. Thus users can focus on their work and don’t worry about cluster management. To secure proper work of high-loaded systems, users can enable the High Availability cluster with three master nodes. It can stand the failure of any application component and provides service without interruptions. Load balancing and traffic routing are set up by an ingress controller.

In Serverspace, we developed a user-friendly interface for creating a Kubernetes cluster. The process consists of two stages:

  1. Selecting one of the data centers: New Jersey, Amsterdam, Moscow, Almaty.
  2. Selecting a node configuration. Enabling a High-Availability cluster and Ingress controller if needed.

You can start working with nodes using the command tool “kubectl”.

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