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Daniella Coleman
December 20, 2021

New Windows Server 2022 OS Template for VMware cloud service

Serverspace has added a Windows Server 2022 server OS template for the VMware cloud service. The new version has improved security and simplified work with the application platform.

Multilevel security provides safe connections using the HTTPS and TLS 1.3 protocols which are enabled by default. It also provides the Secure-core technology, which can be activated via Windows Admin Center.

The integration with Kubernetes has improved interaction with Windows containers and application compatibility. Due to the smaller container image size, the operating system boots up 30% faster.

Extra features of the operating system:

  • The new OC Windows Server 2022 version includes Microsoft Edge browser instead of Explorer.
  • The UDP protocol data transmission channel has got about 100 updates. It speeds up the Internet connection to the Windows Server 2022 resources.
  • The smooth network data traffic has been established, and it improves performance at high speeds due to the TCP protocol. TCP HyStart ++ helps reduce packet loss when starting the connection, and RACK reduces the retransmission time.
  • The Improved storage migration service has simplified the storage migration to Windows Server.

The complete list of new features for the Windows Server 2022 OS is available on

The new OS has the Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) state; therefore, the extended system support will last ten years from the date of release.

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