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November 28, 2022
Updated June 7, 2023

How to setup 3proxy on Ubuntu 20.04


What is 3proxy and why it could be needed

Usually there are two reasons to use proxy:

  • Needs to hide real IP and improove anonimity;
  • To "bypass" restrictions and get access to the resource if it has geo-lock.

One of the simplest way to goal this aims is 3proxy service


Before starting the setup you should ensure that you have:

  • Server which will work as "exit-node". No much powerful needs, 1 CPU core, 5-10Gb of drive space and 1Gb RAM is enough. High speed connection and unmetered data-trafic are wishful;
  • Non-deprecated OS (Ubuntu 20.04 e.g.);
  • Privileged access to this server.

Install and setup

Setup is very simple. Just open SSH-session on the server and run one-line command:

wget; dpkg -i 3proxy-0.9.3.x86_64.deb


To configure service you should edit app settings file. Let's go to setup SOCKS5-proxy, command below will add some necessary directives:

cat <<EOF > /etc/3proxy/3proxy.cfg
nscache 65536
nserver <preferred_DNS-server>
config /conf/3proxy.cfg
monitor /conf/3proxy.cfg
log /logs/3proxy-%y%m%d.log D
rotate 60
counter /count/3proxy.3cf
users $/conf/passwd  # proxy accounts stores in this file
include /conf/counters
include /conf/bandlimiters
auth strong
deny * *
allow * * * 80 HTTP
allow * * * 443 HTTPS
socks -n -p<listening_port> -a
maxconn <max_simultaneous_connections>


Allow service port in the firewall:

ufw allow <listening_port>


Start the service and check it's status:

systemctl enable 3proxy && service 3proxy start && netstat -tlpn | grep prox


Then time to add proxy users. Run package mantainer's script to do this:

/etc/3proxy/conf/ <proxylogin> <proxypassword> <daily_trafic_limit_in_MBs> <network_speed_limit_in_bits_per_second>

Last two parameters is optional, no restrictions if undefined.


Restart the service

systemctl restart 3proxy

Result checking

The simplest way to ensure proxy is real working is CLI-request. Just run on your computer:

curl -I -x socks5://<proxyuser>:<proxypassword>@<server_IP>:<proxy_port> | grep HTTP


Gained "code 200" means proxy is working well. So, you may use it in your browser or other software client.


In this article I explained why you may be needed to have your own proxy and how to setup it in a few minutes on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

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