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February 26, 2024
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How to change password and email address of Serverspace account?

Control panel FAQ

To secure your cloud servers, you can change your password and email address. As you use your account in Serverspace, you may need to change your password or update your email address to ensure security. In this guide, we'll go through each of these steps in detail so you can easily and safely update your data in your Serverspace control panel.


In order to change the password, you need to go to the Settings - Security - Reset your Password tab:
Changing password via control pannel

Then fill out the Old password, New password and New password field again. Click the Save changes button and log in using the new password.

Change email address

To change your email address in the Serverspace panel, you need to make your personal project public. To do this, click on the + sign at the top right of your panel:
Plus icon in the control panel


Then convert your personal project into a general one:Creating a general project

Go to Settings - Project Settings - Project Details. Add a new user by clicking the Add button:
Adding a member of the project


Enter the email of your new registered account with the role - Owner:
Adding a new owner


Check your mailbox and accept the invitation:

You are invited to the project ALL


On the old account, leave the project:

Leaving the project

Delete your old account. Go to personal settings, then to the Delete tab:
Deleting Serverspace account

In the new account, check that there is only one owner left with the new mail:
New owner

You have successfully changed your project email!

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