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May 7, 2024
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Differences between Windows and Windows Server


Windows and Windows Server are two different lines of operating systems from Microsoft, designed for different purposes.

Main objective

Windows:This operating system targets end users, catering to daily activities such as internet browsing, gaming, enjoying multimedia content, and document editing. Examples of this OS include Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Windows Server 2022 for vStack
Windows Server: Engineered for business environments, this system manages networks, web servers, databases, and applications requiring robust reliability, security, and scalability. Versions include Windows Server 2016, 2019, and 2022.

Main functions and features

Windows: Usually includes a large number of features to improve user experience, such as Aero interface, Cortana, Windows Store app store, Direct3D support for games, etc.

Windows Server: Focuses on network resource management, security, and server functions. Includes tools for virtualization (Hyper-V), Active Directory for user and resource management, integration with Azure AD, and powerful tools for security and data management.

Performance and stability

Windows:Optimized to deliver solid performance across a broad spectrum of activities, though it may use system resources on tasks not related to server functions.

Windows Server: Tuned to maximize stability, security, and performance for continuous server operation. This includes optimizations for handling large numbers of simultaneous connections and managing large amounts of data.


Windows: Usually sold with a PC or as a stand-alone product at a relatively affordable price to the end user.

Windows Server: Licensed based on the number of users or processors and costs significantly more, reflecting its specialized use in business environments.

Upgrades and assistance

Windows: Regularly receives updates for both features and security, which are accessible to all users.

Windows Server: Updates focus more on security and stability than on adding new features. These systems tend to have longer support periods, which is important for enterprises.

Comparison in the form of a table

Windows server
Tailored for server environments
Created for use on personal computers, laptops, and tablets
Delivers improved performance, scalability, and management tools
Provides a user-friendly interface with intuitive features
Focused on stability, compatibility and long-term service
Utilizes a frequent release cycle of new versions with new features every six months
Supports a wide range of server applications and enterprise software
Compatible with most consumer and business applications
Focused on IT professionals, system administrators and organizations
Focuses on individual consumers, educational institutions and businesses
Offers advanced networking capabilities and centralized resource control
Emphasizes user-level security and personal computing tasks
Includes robust security measures and supports additional solutions
Includes security features such as Windows Hello and Windows Defender.
Suitable for enterprise-level server environments
Suitable for personal computing tasks and small networks
Provides comprehensive tools for server administration
Convenient management tools and regular updates for user convenience
Improves the performance, scalability and reliability of critical business operations
Increases usability, creativity and connectivity of various devices

Both systems are designed with different user needs and preferences in mind. It is therefore important to choose the system that best suits the requirements of your particular activity or business.

In the Serverspace control panel you can rent yourself Windows Server of different versions - for this purpose use the instructions How to create a server in the Serverspace control panel

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