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Block Storage

Attach expandable storage volumes directly to your cloud servers


You can freely configure the storage capacity and expand on demand to meet your business data expansion needs. The single disk capacity supports from 10GB up to 500GB, and a single VM can mount up to 4 add disks.

Storage volumes data replication is higher than the industry’s average level, which can ensure rapid data recovery, and the data reliability is as high as 99.9% to protect your volumes from failure.



Cloud storage volumes can be managed and used by simple operations such as creating, mounting and deleting, saving manual management and deployment costs.

Make Your VM Better

Create a scalable and persistent block storage, which can be used as an independent disk

Resilient and Fast

We use the best high-speed disk drives in the cloud market. Their volume expands on demand in seconds.

Redundant and Reliable

Storage volumes are physically isolated from virtual machines, and their data is replicated multiple times.

Application Scenarios

The database needs to support intensive access during peak application periods, and the disks are required to have continuous and stable high performance and low latency.

Block Storage volumes are based on SSDs and distributed architecture to achieve super performance and super high reliability. They are meets the stringent performance requirements in SQL scenarios and easily supports high-throughput DB requests.

Hardware failure of traditional server can cause business interruption for dozens of hours. Block Storage efficiently supports the hot migration of virtual machines to avoid business interruption caused by physical failures in advance.

It is suitable for high-load, core key business systems, and meets the flexible and reliable large-capacity storage office needs of enterprises.

High IO storage scenarios require extremely high storage throughput capabilities. Block Storage has excellent multi-thread access capabilities and cope with offline processing data.

It is widely used in data analysis, data mining, business intelligence and other fields.

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