NEW: Access to LLM via API from the Control Panel
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Andrew Monsoon
July 2, 2024
Updated July 2, 2024

NEW: Access to LLM via API from the Control Panel


Serverspace announces the launch of a new service providing access to large language models (LLM) via API. This service allows users to integrate advanced artificial intelligence capabilities into their applications directly from the Serverspace control panel.

Services based on large language models (LLM) are becoming increasingly vital tools across various industries. Research indicates that LLM can reduce content creation time by up to 70% and improve the accuracy of customer query responses by up to 85%. Over 40% of companies have already implemented AI technologies in their business processes, and the AI market is projected to reach $407 billion by 2027.

Currently, Openchat 3.5.0106 is available for use. The model library will continue to expand, and by the end of 2024, most available open-source LLM models will be integrated into the Serverspace control panel.

Openchat 3.5.0106 is an open-source language model, configured with C-RLFT, surpasses Grok-1 and ChatGPT (version 3.5 from March 2023) on popular benchmarks.

Examples of LLM usage:

  • Customer Support Automation: Quick and accurate responses to inquiries.
  • Content Creation: Generation of articles, product descriptions, and advertising materials.
  • Language Translation: Instant translation of texts and documents.
  • Chatbot Development: Creation of intelligent virtual assistants.

Who Can Benefit from the Serverspace GPT API?

  • Developers: for integrating AI into applications and automating processes.
  • Businesses: to enhance customer interaction and increase operational efficiency.
  • Marketers: for generating unique content and conducting data analytics.

Ainergy, a business solutions integrator specializing in AI, is collaborating on this project. This partnership will expand Serverspace’s capabilities and offer clients new AI integration tools.

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