Object Storage

S3 compatible and scalable cloud space for storing infinite data as objects.

Popular Use Cases


Object storage assigns a URL to each media file, making it ideal for streaming services. Store your video, audio, docs, or graphic materials, like photos, templates, footages, etc.

Big Data

Unstructured Big Data fit great for Object Storage. If neural networks are involved in big data analysis, you can customize their analytics based on meta-information of objects.


Set up automatic data backups to Object storage and sleep well. The storage clusters are redundant and have a triple replication. It is the most reliable space for it.

Best Place for Unstructured Data

Store your objects in reliable containers with having original file types and metadata saved.

S3 & Swift Support
Provide fast integration with existing tools and apps on API.
Auto Scaling
Forget about limits, object storage clusters scale on their own to any size.

Total Price will Surprise You

Optimize your expenses. Pay only for data storage and outgoing transfer. More data, lower costs.

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What is Object storage?

Object storage is a solution that allows you to store unstructured data of any type and size, such as video surveillance systems files, stock images, corporate document archives, website data, and backups, etc in a secure cloud. Low cost and easy data management make object storage the best alternative to traditional file and block storage.

Advantages of Object storage

At first, a capacity to store an unlimited amount of data. Also, one of the main features of Object storage is full compatibility with S3 and Swift protocols, and triple data replication on servers with guaranteed protection against external threats.

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