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Object Storage

  • Compatible with S3 and Swift API
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Access via HTTP(S)
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Special offers

1 GB data storage cost

To 1TB 0.02 eur/month
From 1 to 10 TB 0.018 eur/month
From 10 TB to 100 TB 0.017 eur/month
More than 100 TB 0.014 eur/month

1 GB outgoing traffic cost

To 10 TB 0.014 eur/month
From 10 to 100 TB 0.013 eur/month
From 100 TB to 1000 TB 0.011 eur/month
More than 1 PB 0.01 eur/month

What is an Object Storage?

Object Storage (Object-Based Storage) is a service that lets you store unstructured data of any type and size in a secure cloud: video surveillance systems files, image banks, and corporate document archives, as well as static website data and backups.

Object Storage lets you quickly reduce and increase capacity on an unlimited scale compared to block storage. Low cost and easy data management make object storage the best alternative to block storage.

Use Cases


It is convenient to use object storage for storing all kinds of backups. Serverspace provides triple replication, which minimizes data loss risk.

Static content

Object storage is suitable for reducing the volume of files on the hosting, and the transfer of static content to the storage can significantly reduce the load on the server.

Flexible management

Store particularly valuable data in private containers.


Integrate storage into your application or web page.

Version Control

Store different versions of the same file in different containers

Content distribution

Use public containers for data access

Video and photo content

Store any video and graphic materials (photos, presets, templates, footages, input data, etc.).

Advantages of Object Storage

Serverspace provider offers Object Cloud Storage which lets you store an unlimited amount of data (files) using Enterprise equipment with a 99.9% SLA. Triple replication reliably protects data on servers and guarantees security against external threats.

One of the main features of Serverspace object storage is full compatibility with S3 and Swift protocols. Also, the storage automatically scales to the amount of uploaded data.

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