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Daniil Fedorov
May 31, 2024
Updated May 31, 2024

Docker Compose

Docker Compose provides a toolkit for easily organizing complex applications that consist of many related containers. It uses a YAML file to configure all application services, allowing these services to be compiled and managed from a single point.


  • Application Development: Docker Compose provides a stable and isolated environment for each service, allowing developers to experiment and test locally without interfering with each other.
  • Test Automation: Using Docker Compose, you can easily raise a test environment that mimics a production environment, making automated testing more efficient.
  • Deployment on servers: With Docker Compose, you can standardize the microservices deployment process, making it easy to migrate applications between different environments.

Main Features

  • Container Complexity Management: Docker Compose allows you to launch an entire group of services with a single command line, making it much easier to coordinate application components with a large number of containers.
  • Networking organization: Compose independently creates networks for communication between containers, allowing services to communicate and connect to each other without unnecessary manual configuration.
  • Data handling: Docker Compose simplifies the task of storing data and application states with volumes that can be specified in the configuration.
  • Scaling flexibility: Compose provides tools to change the number of running service instances based on current load through simple commands.
  • Use of environment variables: to fine-tune services depending on the environment, you can set environment variables directly in the configuration file or via an external .env file.

In this way, Docker Compose makes the process of developing, testing and deploying containerized applications more straightforward and easily reproducible.

Learn Docker with Serverspace

Serverspace has Docker FAQ page where you can find a lot of information about docker:
from Docker Engine to Basic Docker commands.

Also Serverspace has article - Docker for begginers that can serve you as "gate" to the world of that open platform.

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