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Daniil Fedorov
May 22, 2024
Updated May 22, 2024

1-click apps

What are 1-click apps?

Pre-built cloud solutions or 1-click apps are software solutions that users can install and configure with minimal effort, using literally one click or a few simple steps.

Key features of 1-click apps

  1. Easy installation: The installation and configuration process is automated, significantly reducing the time and risk of errors.
  2. Pre-configurations: Applications usually come with preset settings and pre-configurations that are suitable for most users.
  3.  Wide selection: 1-click apps can include various types of software such as blogs, content management systems (like WordPress), forums, analytics tools, development platforms(Docker), and more.
  4. Updates and support: Often these apps also include automatic updates and support from the provider.

Benefits of 1-click apps

  1. Time saving: The customization process takes much less time.
  2. Ease of use: Suitable for users with any level of technical skill.
  3. Minimal possibility of errors: Thanks to automated installation and configuration.
  4. Ready to use: Applications are often already fully ready to use after installation.

1-click apps from Serverspace

With Serverspace, you can deploy a server with a pre-installed application in seconds.

In our marketplace you will find applications covering many of today's task requirements. Web development, databases, monitoring - all in one place. Choose the solution that
that's right for you.

An example of the applications that Serverspace provides:

1-click apps Serverspace provides

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