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Docker is an open-source platform or software (which is also true) that is used to develop, test, deliver and run applications in containerized environments. The platform’s usefulness is found in more efficient use of resources, live applications faster migration to other environments, and deployment automation.

The platform wraps the software in standardized containers along with all the codependency logic. A container assembled in this way contains all the key components: system tools, code and runtime, as well as the necessary libraries.

Docker works by using an executing code standardized way that speeds up development, eliminates certain risks, and in most cases is more cost-effective. For example, you no longer need to install Redis or Elasticsearch as they can be run directly from the container.

The ability to quickly deploy gives Docker the ability to quickly describe the entire environment, which significantly reduces the cost and speeds up development processes.

In practical use of Docker, an advantages number stand out:

  • Docker makes it possible to deliver services a magnitude order more often;
  • By using pre-defined containers (with all dependencies), deployment mechanics are facilitated as a repeatable environment is achieved. Also, the errors’ severity is reduced, since it is much easier to start an earlier version  backup;
  • Docker containerized packaging allows running more code on each server you use, which optimizes resource consumption;
  • A lightweight system for transferring an application from a development and testing environment to a production environment with subsequent deployment.

Docker works not only with the native Linux OS, but also with Windows as well as macOS. Despite the obvious advantages of using an OS, Docker can still have some limitations, depending on a particular system configuration.

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