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Andrew Monsoon
September 13, 2023
Updated September 14, 2023

VMware Public Cloud in Kazakhstan

Serverspace is expanding its service area by introducing cloud services, allowing users to develop virtual infrastructure on the VMware in a new location, at the Kazteleport Data Center which is located in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Actively broadening its VMware cloud market presence, Serverspace provides the capability to construct cloud infrastructure using enterprise-grade server platforms. The Kazteleport holds reliability certifications including PCI DSS, ISO 14001, 45001, 9001, Eurolan Authorized Partner, and the OCIB License. These certifications vouch for the high operational standards and ensure clients the safety of server hardware and the data stored within.

Kazteleport's cluster owns 8 Cisco Blade servers powered by Intel Xeon Gold processors running at 3.00GHz. This setup not only guarantees superior performance but also secures processed data, especially during the handling of vast data volumes.

Kazteleport within the VMware cloud solutions ecosystem greatly amplifies the offerings for Serverspace clients. The objective is to ensure top-tier service performance, relying on state-of-the-art equipment specially crafted for tasks involving intensive data processing. Housing the cluster in a local Kazakhstani Data Processing Center (DPC) also gives Serverspace's clients an advantage in terms of speed, reducing latency during data transfers between virtual machines (VMs).

The VMware cloud platform offers extensive capabilities for deploying VMs with flexible specifications, utilizing Intel Xeon Gold processors. It also ensures scalability and allows for migrating virtual machines to the cloud. This empowers Serverspace users to manage their infrastructure and achieve their business goals in a rapidly evolving digital environment.

As a reminder, VMware server deployments are also available in other location. AM2 is the European data center which operates at the PCI DSS standard. AM2 is placed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Set Up a VMware VMs in Kazakhstan is easy:

• Log into your Serverspace account or create one.
• Start the server creation process in the VMware cloud tab.
• Select the Almaty DPC and server resources.
• Click on the 'create' button.

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