Serverspace accelerated the answering of support requests by 40%
Andrew Monsoon
July 13, 2023
Updated September 15, 2023

Serverspace accelerated the answering of support requests by 40%

Serverspace cloud provider is working on speeding up user request processing. The company reported a 40% reduction in initial response time for requests.

The company has expanded the library of common user requests, prolonged support specialists studying and set maintenance KPIs. These steps have already shown their effectiveness. The speed of initial request processing increased by 40% in June.

As representatives said before, the goal of this project is to find a solution for any request within 30 minutes. Achieving this benchmark is the key to generating irresistible customer satisfaction and, as a result, steady business growth.

"Technical support is our main advantage. Serverspace is going to achieve high customer loyalty and increase its influence by offering high-quality virtualization tools and the expertise to address any questions" said Svetlana Sharapova, head of Serverspace.

Serverspace is an international cloud provider that offers automatic deployment of virtual infrastructure based on Linux and Windows in less than 1 minute from all over the world. Open API, CLI, and Terraform tools are available for integrating clients' services.

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