Serverspace opens payment acceptance in Free TON Crystal cryptocurrency

Serverspace opens payment acceptance in Free TON Crystal cryptocurrency

William Bell
February 1, 2021

Amsterdam, the Netherlands — February 01, 2021 — Serverspace added the possibility to refill the balance with Free TON Crystals, thus becoming the first cloud provider in the world who accepts payments in this cryptocurrency.

Free TON Crystals cryptocurrency exists in the framework of the fully decentralized Free TON blockchain platform. The platform is capable of processing more than 1M transactions per second, which makes it the only blockchain with such performance level.

Loyalty program is available for Free TON Crystals holders as well. The program allows DePool users to receive 10% bonuses from stacking remuneration into their respective Serverspace accounts.

Free TON advantages

  • High transaction speed due to dynamic sharding – the technology of data partitioning in accordance with the load.
  • Safe Proof-of-Stake algorithm allows blocks generation in blockchain framework only to validators having certain sums of Free TON Crystal on their accounts.
  • Vertical blockchain mechanism allows non-valid blocks’ correction within chain.

How to refill the balance with Free TON Crystal

  • Via TON Surf or QR code
  1. Press Refill Balance button in your control panel, and select Free TON Crystals payment.
  2. Input the desired amount of Crystals, select balance refill via TON Surf or QR code, and follow the instructions.
  • Manually
  1. Transfer the desired amount of Free TON Crystals into the official Free TON Crystal Wallet Serverspace at:
  2. In the transaction comment indicate the ID of your Serverspace project – consisting of digits only. To find your Project ID, go to the control panel and, in your browser’s address bar, copy numbers that follow “pid=”. Upon transaction Free TON Crystals tokens will be converted to Euro at the rate valid for the moment of payment receipt.
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