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Andrew Monsoon
March 11, 2024
Updated March 19, 2024

Serverspace in Brazil

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Serverspace, an international cloud provider, continues expansion by launching its first office in Latin America, Brazil. Local users now have access to the website in Portuguese and a control panel with payment options in Brazilian Reais.

Serverspace adheres to its expansion strategy by offering services in the local markets of the countries. This way, users can engage with the virtual infrastructure in a format that is convenient for them, including payment options through local bank cards.

Brazilian users got:

  • A Portuguese language website at;
  • A control panel with a payment feature in Brazilian Reais;
  • Free support from Serverspace technical specialists.

"Entering the top ten of the world's largest economies by GDP, Brazil represents a strategically important market. Many sectors, such as finance, logistics, and IT, are now showing increasing interest in cloud innovations, boosting the demand for corresponding solutions. This makes the Brazilian market key to our development strategy, aimed at offering local users optimal conditions for using cloud services. Furthermore, an important aspect of our work will be compliance with the LGPD data protection legislation, ensuring the security of user information ", says Svetlana Sharapova, Head at Serverspace

With the opening of the office in Brazil, Serverspace intends to continue its expansion. Its main goal is to provide even more users with access to its cloud services in a format that is maximally adapted to the needs of different country markets. The company's plans also include the launch of a new office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by the end of this year, highlighting Serverspace's desire to expand its influence and strengthen its position in the cloud technology sector.

Detailed information about the Serverspace office in Brazil:

  • The adapted website in Portuguese is available at;
  • Registration and control panel login at;
  • Technical support inquiries can be made through the website chat, the "Support" section in the control panel, or by phone: +55 11 5118-1047;
  • Currency: Brazilian Real;
  • Payments are accepted via Brazilian bank cards;
  • Data center: São Paulo Equinix SP3.

Data Center in Brazil

At the end of 2023, Serverspace launched equipment in the Equinix SP3 data center in São Paulo, Brazil. The data center, owned by the international company Equinix, is one of the most technologically advanced data processing centers. SP3 hosts vStack SL201-25RE server capacities, equipped with modern 16-core Intel Xeon Gold 6226R processors with Cascade Lake architecture, running at 2.70 GHz.


To create a server in São Paulo, you can use any Serverspace control panel by:

  1. Navigating to the control panel;
  2. Starting the creation of a cloud server;
  3. Selecting the data center in Brazil and the resources needed for your server;
  4. Clicking the create button. The server will be created automatically.

A list of company offices in different countries:

Serverspace is an international cloud provider offering services for creating and managing virtual infrastructure. It provides automatic deployment of VPS servers with popular Linux and Windows Server operating systems, as well as domestic OS. Infrastructure creation is possible from anywhere in the world in one minute. Open API, CLI, and Terraform tools are available for integrating client services.

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