New version of FreeBSD 14.0 x64
Alice Smith
January 24, 2024
Updated January 25, 2024

New version of FreeBSD 14.0 x64


A new FreeBSD 14.0 x64 operating system template is available in the Serverspace control panel. Users are now able to deploy vStack servers with the improved version of the OS.

New OS template received a number of modifications. The performance and fault tolerance of the operating system have been significantly improved.

What's changed?

  • Increased serial port data transfer rate to 115200 bps. Improved communication performance, especially in critical applications.
    Implemented a new file system tarfs, which allows working with tar archives compressed via zstd. Access to archived data became much easier.
  • Increased the number of supported processor cores from 256 to 1024. This made the system ideal for powerful amd64 and arm64-based servers and workstations.
  • Reduced reboot time with the new sysctl parameter kern.reboot_wait_time. Enhanced system maintenance efficiency and reduced downtime.
  • Added a utility for encoding and decoding data in base64 format. Making these operations more accessible and convenient.
    Improved security by preventing some types of attacks. Executable files for 64-bit systems are now built in PIE (Position Independent Executable) mode.
  • Enhanced the administration environment. The standard command prompt for the main system user (root) is now /bin/sh.
  • Upgraded the ZFS file system to OpenZFS 2.2. Improved performance and reliability of data storage. Introduced the ability to create a ZFS pool bound to a single vdev virtual disk.
  • Optimized network characteristics. Default CUBIC network congestion control mechanism for TCP instead of NewReno. It helps to utilize the available bandwidth more efficiently.
  • Updated third-party applications and libraries in the base system, including OpenSSH 9.5p1, OpenSSL 3.0.12, and others. Guarantees a more modern and secure toolset.

You can read more about all the updates in the official document.

How to create a server with FreeBSD 14.0 x64?

To create a server, you need to first register on the Serverspace website. Next:

  1. Go to the Serverspace control panel;
  2. Select the vStack cloud service;
  3. Start creating the cloud server;
  4. Select the FreeBSD 14.0 x64 operating system;
  5. Configure the resources;
  6. Click on the server creation button.

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