Daniella Coleman
August 23, 2022
Updated August 26, 2022

Serverspace has added a new 1.23.7 Kubernetes version

Cloud provider Serverspace has added a new update to Kubernetes 1.23, which contains 47 improvements. 11 updates are in GA (General Availability), 17 are in beta feature and still improving, and 19 completely new features are in alpha feature. Serverspace has added release 7 to the control panel, previous releases 1.22.5 and 1.21.5 still available for cluster creation.

What's new in Kubernetes 1.23?

  • Added a new command kubectl events, which extends the functionality of kubectl get events.
  • Implemented IPv4/IPv6 Dual-stack Networking support, which allows configuring Pods to work with two stacks.
  • The new PodSecurity permissions controller replaced the outdated PodSecurityPolicy and was moved to beta. The feature is enabled by default.
  • The Horizontal Pod Autoscaler v2 API was moved to the GA.
  • OpenAPI v3 alpha now supports enum data type.

These are just some of the changes in version 1.23. All of the improvements in the 1.23.7 release users can find in changelog and on the official kubernetes.io portal.

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