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April 27, 2024
Updated April 27, 2024

Templates in the Serverspace control panel

Control panel FAQ

In the Serverspace control panel, users can create templates for their virtual machines.

What the templates are for.

  • Save your own virtual servers into templates that allow you to quickly deploy full copies of them.
  • Copying server configuration and software
  • Saving a template on server deletion
  • No limit on the number of templates

For now, templates are only available for servers with VMware virtualization.

How do you create a template?

To create a template, go to VMware Server Rental -> Templates and click Create Template:

Create a template 1

The template will be created on the basis of one of your servers, so you must have at least one active server.
Template storage is a paid service, its price is equal to the cost of disk space of the original server.
To create a template, the server must:

  • shut down
  • have no active snapshots
  • have no additional disks attached
  • Note: creating a template can take a significant amount of time.
Note that the server must be shut down

Specify the name of the template, its technical name and the server on the basis of which the template will be created:

Creating a template 2

The template will be created and will be ready to use:

Created template 3

How do I create a server from a template?

To do this, go to the template menu -> Servers -> Create Server:

Create a server with a template 4

After that the usual server configuration selection menu will open, instead of selecting the usual virtual server template, you will have yours displayed:

Creating a server using template 5

How to delete a template

To delete a template, go to the templates menu and select the desired template. Then go to the Delete menu:

Deleting a template 6

The confirmation context menu opens:

Confirmation of deleting a template 7

The template will be deleted:

Template deleted 8

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