Vyacheslav Breus
September 11, 2022
Updated September 14, 2022

How to install .NET framework in Windows Server


What is .NET framework

.NET framework is set of program libraries, designed and supported by Microsoft Corporation. Too much software products for Windows platform are needs this framework. Moreover, some built-in Windows programs uses .NET framework to render these windows.

Where .NET could be installed

As this product was developed by Microsoft company, it can be installed on the computer working under any Operation System developed by this company. So, to install you need computer under Microsoft Windows Server OS with privileged account.

Installation procedure

Microsoft .NET Framework installation is very user-friendly. Process description:

  • Login to your server as administrative user, open Server Manager dashboard;


  • Run the adding role wizard, first screen could be skipped with no pain. Set skipping by default if you want;


  • Choose install type and destination server (this server is already set by default);



  • Skip "Roles" tab, your aim is "Features". Set the ticks .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8, then click to the Next button;


  • Click to Install button to confirm changes and wait a little


Alternative installation method

Other way to install .NET Framework is command line interface. Just open PowerShell as privileged user and run this command:

DISM /online /Enable-Feature /all /FeatureName:"<framework_version>"




Now you know what is .NET Framework, where it is used in general and how to install it on Windows Server platform.

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