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October 31, 2022
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How to install ncat tool on Windows and Linux

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What is netcat

Ncat is popular tool for network diagnistic. Now it is a part on Nmap software. It is available for all "mainstream" operation systems.

Install nmap on Windows

To install nmap (and ncat as part of nmap) please do follow:

  • Login to your server with administrative privileged user;
  • Download the installer and run it. Accept the EULA;


  • Tick the Ncat tool. You may also tick other utilities if you need it. Then choose install destination, click Install and wait a little;



  • Run cmd terrminal and check ncat version;
ncat -v


Checking example

To check ncat is really working, open two terminal windows.

  • On the first window run:
ncat -l <any_port>
  • On the second window run:
ncat -C localhost <choosen_port>

You can "chat" between the windows:



Install nmap on Linux OS

Setup process on Linux (Ubuntu 20.o4 as example is very simple. Just complete this instruction:

  • Authorize as privileged user and run installation command;
apt-get update; apt install -y netcat


Using example the same - open two terminal windows and run these commands:

nc -l # In one session, to check "server-mode"

nc -C # In another terminal, to check "client-mode"



In this article I explained how to install and use ncat tool on Windows 2022 Server and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.


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