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November 20, 2022
Updated November 20, 2022

How to delegate a domain?

Using Serverspace you can plug a DNS service for free. It is free to use for every user.

Attention: you can delegate domain, only if it is second level domain.

If you want your domain to be delegated, you have to: go to the DNS menu in the control panel and click on the Add the domain button.


DNS menu in the Serverspace Control Panel

On a next step enter your second level domain. Next step is to choose a migration method, you can:

  • enter IP-adress of a server or choose one of your virtual - in this migration method, you will need to specify DNS records yourself;
  • put a tick in the Migrate DNS records menu for an automatic DNS records migration.

In the end click Add domain.

Menu of creating a domain

You are going to see a bar with the creating progress.

Progress bar of adding a domain



In the interface of managing DNS-records, you can see value of the record which is delegated on our servers, like it is shown on the screenshot:

DNS records deligated on our servers



For detailed information on the delegation process, you can ask your domain registrar.

After a successful delegation process of the domain, you can manage records there. To do that from our panel click on Create record.

Creating a new DNS record.

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