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March 12, 2023
Updated June 7, 2023

How to access to the multiple servers with the same "public" IP

Control panel FAQ

What is a reason to "hide" a few servers behind the one public IP

There are two main reasons why you may want to "hide" your servers:

  • Security. If you "put" any host between your server and the Internet, you will make a private "safe area" cause any intruders will have needs to pass a "gate-host" before they got access to the server;
  • Money saving. There are no unused IPv4 subnets worldwide, IPv6 is not whidespread. So, IP-address cost is rising and you could want to save your money through less public IPs using.

How to create your own "safe area"

To make your own private network space we will use Network Address Translation (NAT) technology. Follow further steps:

To create protected network login to your client area, then click to VMWare Cloud > Networks > Add Network button and choose bandwith and addresses quantity. Remember assigned external IP, it is an "entry point" to your network;





Next step you need to modify your servers network interfaces. Remove public and add private instead, then reboot all servers to apply changes;



As a result you will see internal IP-addresses, assigned to each server. Remember them;


Return back to your private network settings and add address translation rules for access to each server;



As a result you should see rules list like below;


Result check

To check access you should just connect to public IP of your network and port you're "NATed";



In this article I described how to connect to the multiple servers with one IP-address via Serverspace client area features.

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