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September 26, 2022
Updated September 26, 2022

Hestia control panel install to Ubuntu 20.04


What is Hestia control panel

Hestia CP has been designed as a VestaCP panel fork. Main advantages is:

  • User-friendly interface;
  • This panel is enough for all typical needs such as webserver, mail-server, PHP with version selector, database server, SSL-certificates and firewall;
  • Built-in backup functions.

Where HestiaCP could be installed

System requirements of this control panel is:

  • Server with at least 1 CPU core, 1Gb RAM and 10Gb disk space;
  • Actual Debian-like operation system (RHEL-based OS isn't supported);
  • Privileged account access;
  • Registered domain with A-records "pinned" to your server's IP address (optional).

Installation procedure

To install HestiaCP on your server please follow this steps:

  • Login as privileged user to SSH-terminal;
  • Update exist system software;
apt update && apt upgrade -y


  • Wait till update finished, then reboot the machine to apply and use the newest packages;
  • Install wget tool
apt update; apt install -y wget


  • Download and run initial scenario file;

chmod +rw



  • If script offer you to uninstall some software which is non-compatible with the panel - agree to this;


  • Next step is configuration choosing. Typical settings is enough in general. Also fill your email and domain name;


  • Setup process will take about 15-20 min, you will see access credentials when it finished. Remember it;


  • Open new tab in your browser and login into Hestia panel;

pic7 pic8

If next screen looks like picture below - setup is succesfully finished, well done!



In this article you knew about HestiaCP panel, it's advantages and setup process.

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