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January 30, 2023
Updated July 26, 2023

Possibilities of using Certbot for Nginx web Server


What is certbot and why you would need to install it on nginx webserver

Certbot is software for issuing of non-paid LetsEncrypt SSL certificates. Today SSL-protection is industrial standard cause actual browsers are often marks unprotected sites as potential dangerous.

How to install Certbot

As example I will explain Certbot installation on the server under Ubuntu 20.04. So far as this software is common used, it is a part of OS repositories. And "one-step-install" is possible now. Just authorize as privileged user and run command below:

apt install -y python3-certbot-nginx


How to get the certificate

Cause the LetsEncrypt is owned by the Electronic Frontier Foundation you should a "point" your domain's A-records to your server and wait till changes is applied worldwide. To ensure just check current A-record via this command:

nslookup <your_domain_name> <any_public_DNS_server>


Then ensure which service is listening web-port:

netstat -lptn | grep 80


As we see, our webserver is really nginx. So, we can issue the certificate via Certbot:

certbot --nginx -d yourdomain.tld -d www.yourdomain.tld -d anyothersubdomain.yourdomain.tld

You should see the picture like below:


To apply changes you need restart web-service:

systemctl nginx restart



To check the certificate open your website in browser, then you can see cerdificate brief or detailed info:

pic7 pic8


After this matherial reading you knew what is Certbot an how to issue valid certificate for your website via this software.

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