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Boris Moore
October 16, 2022
Updated October 24, 2022


A server is a computing machine for performing any server tasks that does not require any physical involvement of the user. The server requires its primary configuration, after which the computer can work and perform its tasks without direct human intervention, following the given configurations at the stage of configuration.

The possibilities of the server.

The server can perform many useful functions:

  • Store information of one or more sites
  • IP Telephony. You can use your own server for telephony, where your data and call records will be stored.
  • Coordinate the interaction of computers on the same network. By creating a domain within the enterprise network, there are many opportunities to control the security of your network.
  • Store data. A server can act as a repository for corporate data and provide access to it.

Physical server

Physical server (or dedicated server) — an independent and self-sufficient unit of equipment, which opens to its owner a full range of capabilities. This server is a hardware complex, configured for data storage or continuous solution of tasks. No matter if it is your property or you rent it in a data center, processor power, RAM and hard drives are used to run the software you have installed.
In addition, the physical server must be connected to the ports that connect it to the Network. These ports have different bandwidths, but the higher the bandwidth, the faster the server will work.

Virtual server

A virtual server (a.k.a. VPS) provides shared access to hardware and software resources via another operating system. Server virtualization is an extremely important part of a modern data center.
One of the distinctive features of the virtual server is its creation exactly with the parameters that are needed exactly today and for specific tasks of your business: you can configure the number of cores, disk capacity, RAM, and not only. Moreover, when creating a virtual server takes just 10 minutes to your VPS is ready to work with the necessary configuration. Just as easy to increase or decrease server parameters, paying just the resources you need.
You have administrative rights to manage virtual server, which allows you to change the settings, install any operating system and software, not limited to what the operator offers you.

Cloud server

Cloud server — Computing machine, which is hosted by a company providing flexible power configuration.
The user has the ability to select and configure the characteristics of the server. The characteristics are adjusted in the control panel. There is no need to stop the server. The possibility of using not the entire power of the server, but only a part of it, allows you to reduce costs.

What components does a physical server consist of?

It consists of:

  • Motherboard
  • Processor
  • Power supply unit
  • RAM
  • Solid State Drive (hdd/ssd)
  • Cooling system

In addition to these components, the server can have multiple slots for the processor. Thus increasing the capacity of the server to scale.

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