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Boris Moore
October 10, 2022
Updated October 24, 2022


IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a cluster of software tools used by programmers for development. In other words, it is an integrated development environment.

The essence of the IDE for the developer

Some novice developers confuse the notion of an environment and a code editor. An IDE provides a large list of features: from connecting different languages and checking the written program, to compiling and helping to build the project. An IMR is a developer's comfort zone. Its purpose is to unite the various utilities for the comfortable work of the programmer. Thanks to the IMR environment, the programmer may not waste time on additional tasks and thus get much more done in less time.
The IME helps to increase productivity.

Composition of the IDE

  • Code editor
  • Translator (compiler and/or interpreter)
  • Tools for building projects
  • Debugger

Code editors help with writing programs by highlighting syntax, auto-complementing code, adding indents, checking character placement, and offering contextual help with code. You can extend their capabilities by installing additional plugins.

Compiler and interpreter - are responsible for converting the code written by man into machine code that the computer can understand.

Debugger - allows to find and fix bugs in the code.

Today, most IDEs are developed with multi-language support, making it easy to find a suitable development environment.

Choosing an IDE

Consider these points when choosing an IDE:

  • Whether the language you need is supported by the operating system you are going to work with.
  • Determining the tasks for which device you are developing the project (android, web, desktop, ios)
  • Functionality
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