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Huon Mellen
I took 2 servers in Amsterdam for my projects. Uptime is beyond praise. Also surprisingly turned out to be a crystal-clear support service. Through the ticket, I asked for a refund of some of the money that I transferred by mistake, and the money was returned immediately and without any excuses. You are the best!
Tyree Rhett Puti Riego
I am satisfied with the price of the service, but a port over 50 Mbps is a bit expensive.
Patrick Schneider
A balanced solution for my project. Adequate price and stability in combination with excellent software. Without problems, you can change the desired characteristics. With minimal knowledge of server administration and technical support, I was able to configure Nginx, which significantly increased the quality and speed of the resource. Best value for money.
Maurizio Facchini
The VPS win is a great product, easy to activate, config and use. The price is more better of the other provider.
Yassine Ben
Good service offering the lowest price, the best thing is the support are fast.
Gavin Berry
Serverspace has been fundamental towards the scalability of our consultancy services, allowing us to manage multiple accounts for our customers remotely via their out-the-box servers. Would use their service again and recommend to others.
Amin Raoofat
I've been working with this website for few months by now and i have to say i am completely satisfied with every single thing, easy and affordable is two major positive points of Serverspace.
Tijn van Alphen
i like serverspace its a cheap site for a good vps what i use for a game where i need accounts on 24/7 and i never have any problem with that the vps crashes
Aissa Nadjem
I see that you are a wonderful and very acceptable company. Prices are acceptable and the efficiency is good. I hope you keep performing because you are among the best for me. Thank you.
Mohammed IBN
I am a new client (about 3 months), and I am very satisfied of the service and the platform, incredible work, servers are deployed so fast, everything works in a very soft way. Wish you good luck and hope you will continue in this progress. Best regards.
Dhreeti Ranjan B
Serverspace a great cloud platform those offering different types of cloud computing services like 1) vStack cloud for dedicated windows server and Linux different variants of Linux server with chip amount of cost per month. 2) It's also offering virtual service VMware Cloud server. Those have dedicated servers on Windows and Linux platforms. This service has included server templates and Network services. 3) It has an excellent manageability option. Using this option, you can Monitor, backup, and update installation and incident management. Elaboration and implementation of infrastructure improvements etc. 4) For application developers, it offers Kubernetes cluster computing service. You can manage your application quickly. 5) Other essential services are also available like DNS, Storage, SSL certificate, Partners control, API-based automation, etc. 6) Location-based servers also help you to ensure better and faster service. I have created two server 1) Linux-based CentOS 8.3 X64 server on vStack cloud server with 2GB ram, 1cpu, 50GB SSD storage and install LAMP server inside it. It's working excellently. 2) Windows server 2022 with 5GB RAM, 2Core Processor, 60GB SSD, 10 MBPS bandwidth on VMware cloud. I have confirmed the Active Directory, DNS, and DHCP server inside it. Those also confirmed and worked very nicely. I have connected both servers with remote clients and transferred data using FTP clients. It is working very nicely.
Creating a cluster from UI. That went pretty easy. The UI is intuitive and clean. I clicked on "Create Cluster", got to choose from 4 geo regions (with such unexpected options as Moscow and Almaty).

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